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Friday Five : How HR Technology is Impacting Global Mobility

Published: September 15, 2017 In: Remote Hiring


global mobility 

Here are five tips to help you buy HR Technology

As the expectations from HR Technology change with the second wave of technology and the number of vendors and solutions expand in the marketplace, here is a 5-step guiding tool set to consider for a successful technology implementation

How Technology is Impacting Global Mobility

Automation is hitting the global mobility space fast, and employees are turning to self-service platforms to manage their mobility for many tasks. This does not mean that the human interaction can be completely eliminated, though.

It Takes a Little Tech to Give You a Win-Win on Candidate Engagement

The “recruiting is marketing and candidates are customers” mindset is driving interest in a traditionally overlooked aspect of the job search: candidate engagement.

Ask not what you can do for AI, but what AI can do for you…

AI should be used to help and enhance the people already in place, not replace them. Artificial intelligence in the workplace will cause a major shift in the coming months and years in how we deploy people strategy.

Talent Analytics: The Best Way to (Actually) Know Your Employees

Every business would love to be able to look into the future, and increasingly, advanced talent analytics allow employers to do just that. This new piece of technology applies existing applications of big data and predictive analytics to your human resources, and is a rapidly growing field of management technology.


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