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Talent Acquisition Ecosystem - Mobile Hiring Trends

Published: September 22, 2015 In: Remote Hiring

Talent Acquisition Ecosystem - Mobile Hiring Trends

Hiring Trend

Hiring Innovation is vital - companies struggle to fill jobs on a global basis despite high unemployment rate worldwide. There’s an obvious mismatch between the available roles in organizations and the talent in the global pool. Is the outdated hiring process to be blamed for it?

Desktops and laptops belong to the past generation. 2015 has already been termed the "Year of Mobile Recruiting," and we will soon step into the next year. If you haven't already adopted mobile hiring process, then you are missing out on a candidate base that was probably only meant for your company.

Quick Fact
Worldwide, there are more than 201 million unemployed today, according to the International Labour Organization.

In the following chapters we will see how the current Talent Acquisition Ecosystem can be innovated using mobile apps that deliver:

  • Wider Candidate Reach
  • One-Touch Engagement on Mobile
  • Screening and selection on-the-move
  • Better Brand Showcasing
  • Real-time Communication and Alerts
You can access the complete Mobile Hiring Guide here.

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Written by: Ayush

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