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Harmonizing High Tech and High Touch in Talent Acquisition

Published: October 13, 2021 In: Talview News & Events

Campus recruiting efforts have shifted tremendously over the past year. Graduates today are digitally native, highly inclusive, and deeply affected by the current crisis. How can companies attract, hire, and retain this talent, all while providing an unforgettable experience while working in a virtual environment?  

Harjoth Singh, Senior Customer Success Manager at Talview spoke with Laura Mills, AVP HR (Human Resources) at Cognizant, in the recently concluded Talent Board webinar to find answers to this and more. Mentioned below are some of the highlights from the session. You can also watch the webinar on-demand here. 

The webinar started with a poll asking the attendees what they believed was more critical — High Tech or High Touch. A whopping 89% of the respondents chose high touch, which was not surprising given the current scenario where providing a top-notch experience is a priority for organizations the world over. Laura added that the secret is to have a healthy balance of the two to ensure that you make the best hiring decisions possible. 

Harjoth then went on to talk about the manual and siloed traditional campus recruitment process which led to skyrocketing costs and botchy candidate experience. This was followed by Laura speaking about the latest trends the industry has been seeing, including the high demand for tech talent, increasing need for a high-touch experience, etc. 

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“We’ve been focused on ensuring that we don’t just enable a high-tech recruiting experience, but also a candidate experience where the candidates can experience our culture, who we are, what we do, and more.” 

- Laura Mills, AVP HR, Cognizant

The session then focused on Cognizant’s campus recruitment process before adopting HR technology. Laura shed light on how the process used to be manual, siloed, and transactional in nature, leading to recruiter fatigue. This in turn would lead to an uneven candidate experience. She also spoke about how Cognizant was a fledgling brand in the US and how this affected their quest to hire top talent.  

Harjoth and Laura then discussed a typical career fair scenario, which usually requires a high amount of money, time, and effort. For Cognizant, the Talview Hiring Solution transformed the entire recruiting process and helped Cognizant make smarter, faster, and better talent decisions.

Laura summed up the webinar highlighting the following key points: 

  • Leverage technology at the heart of your hiring processes; Everyone says they are a tech company — use technology to prove it.  

  • Automation does not lead to alienation – it humanizes the candidate experience; Cognizant’s target candidates are digital natives and are not off-put by automation.  

  • Recruitment automation democratizes the process when evaluating DEI 

Watch the webinar on-demand today to learn the secrets to Cognizant’s successful campus recruitment journey. 

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Written by: Ankitha A

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