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How Talview helped transform HCL's hiring

Published: September 27, 2018 In: Remote Hiring

HCL America Inc., an innovative technology solutions company bases its foundation in an exceptionally talented team.


The cornerstone of their success in the United States is their commitment to identifying and hiring local talent across multiple delivery centers in the United States. 

Their goal is to become a vibrant, active member of these communities not only by hiring, but also by active involvement in civic organizations, local government, universities, and charitable institutions to cultivate ties with the overall community.

HCL’s hiring occurs on a massive scale, with the recruiters screening several hundreds of resumes every week. The process of sifting the right talent from numerous applications took a lot of time away from the recruiter’s hands. While looking to solve the time constraint, HCL began looking for resource-friendly solutions to streamline their hiring workflow efficiently.

Recruiting challenges faced:

Screening resumes - The team at HCL America Inc receives hundreds of resumes every week, of which only 3-5% were qualified as potential candidates. The team was looking for a solution to filter the quality candidates.

Efficiency - The team also spent 10-15 minutes on call with all the candidates for an initial screening, most of which did not measure up to the standards they were looking for.

Flexibility - The team would put in a lot of time and resources in scheduling the first screening calls. The times of the candidates and the team member had to be coordinated and arranging for this was itself taking up a lot of the team’s time.

Talview’s suite as a solution:

Talview’s solution to this problem was to use their Asynchronous/Automated Video Interviewing capabilities to conduct the initial screening.

Asynchronous video interviews gave the team members the flexibility to conduct the interviews at their own time, saving the time they spent on planning and scheduling these interviews. The initial screening task could also be divided efficiently among the team members.

The team also found that they could judge the dedication and interest levels of the candidate for the role with the help of the Asynchronous Video Interviews. The interviews enabled them to assess the comfort level the candidate had with the fundamentals, understand their thought processes and their communication skills.

Process flow before Talview:

The hiring team of HCL conducted a series of the following screening tests to determine if the candidate is eligible for the position. The screening process consisted of three steps:

1. Resume shortlisting
HCL performed a non-technical shortlisting of the resumes, perusing them for keywords, immigration and visa statuses, notice periods, etc.
2. Telephonic screening
The Delivery Team would conduct an initial 10-minute screening call with these applicants to look for their technical grasp over Java with a few basic questions.
3. Technical Interview
The selected candidates would then be invited for a technical interview that was conducted by the Delivery Manager at HCL’s premises.

Process flow after Talview:

After integrating with Talview’s hiring platform, HCL opted to replace telephonic screening with video-based screening as a part of preliminary assessment. Asynchronous video interviews involve recording the responses of the candidate during the course of the interview. The recruiter will then evaluate and review the recording post the interview to analyze the responses that the candidate has provided. Based on the authenticity of the answer and the domain knowledge of the candidate, he/she is shortlisted to the next round of interview.

This is how HCL’s hiring process was transformed post Talview:

1. Resume shortlisting
2. Video based interviewing (asynchronous)
3. Technical interview

Business benefits achieved after Talview:

After successfully integrating AI into their hiring process, the recruiters noticed the following upsides:
1. A team of 2 evaluators has been able to assess 1200+ candidates in a span of 6 months. Talview has helped the evaluators save 200 hours of panel time.

2. Considering the conversion rate of candidates before using Talview was 3-5%, the team saved the time they spent on scheduling and screening the candidates.

3. Around 50% of the candidates who attend Talview’s Asynchronous Interview are shortlisted to move to the next round.

4. The candidate turnaround time was reduced to 3.8 days while the evaluation turnaround time was reduced to 4.8 days.

"A lot of times it was difficult to coordinate time to schedule interviews with so many candidates. Talview’s Asynchronous Video Interviews gives us the flexibility to screen candidates at our own time, as well as allocate tasks within the team. The success rate of the conversions with Talview has been good, and Talview has been a great help for the team here."

- Mohanasundaram Rajamanickam,

Group Project Manager, HCL America Inc.

About Talview:

As a global leader in AI-enabled talent assessment technology, Talview delivers unparalleled AI-led video interviewing and remote proctoring solutions that leverage NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision Technology and Video Analytics. Talview is an innovative and agile organization that is disrupting the global assessment industry by automating and modernizing outdated screening and selection models, reducing time to hire and improving quality of hire, while providing an engaging candidate experience.

Winner of the IBM Beacon Award and the Asian Banker Technology Award, Talview processes more than a million candidates every year and its clientele includes many of the Fortune 500 and serves its clients in more than a 100 countries. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Talview has offices across the US, India, and Singapore.

Curious to know more? Ask us anything at info@talview.com or get a free demo at https://info.talview.com/demo Happy hiring!


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Written by: Abenaya Gunasekaran

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