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Effective Candidate Evaluation over Online Interview Tool

Published: July 22, 2013 In: HR Tech & AI

An article by veteran George Bradt was trending in Linkedin for the last few days. In the article, he speaks about these three relevant questions in any job interview and says only these three parameters matter the most.

They are:

  1. Can you do the job?
  2. Will you love the job?
  3. Can we tolerate working with you?

This made me rewind all of my interview experiences so far. Moreover, it is quite accurate. If the answers to all the above questions are ‘Yes’ then you have the job.

But, how to judge if the answers are yes/no? Ideally, it should not be difficult to do that. However, interviews tend to be highly unstructured and capturing the information you want to become all the more difficult.

For example, to find out if a person can do the job one needs first to define the skills he will require for doing the job. Let us say communication skill is one of the requirements.

But again, how proficient the candidate should be is another question, and this could always be relative and hence should be given weight-ages. For example, if in sales, communication skill will have higher weight-age; in customer support, technical knowledge may have higher weight-age.

So rather than asking many questions, the focus should be on asking the right question and evaluating the right parameters. In a regular interview human tendency is to drift to unnecessary topics and finally select a candidate based on the instincts of the interviewer.

This works well when the manager is himself recruiting an employee who is going to report to him but often results in many errors during mass recruitment.

The answer is to use a well-designed combination of written assessment and automated video interviews. This will test candidate’s proficiency in all necessary parameters along with a structured evaluation method to ensure minimum error in the process.

What Talview offers is a scientific online interview tool which takes into account the job requirement and tries to see potential matches between candidate’s skills. Cutoffs can be applied for numeric scores while preferring evaluator choice can be assigned for other parameters to select the right candidate. Interview evaluation made easier and efficient now.

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Tags: HR Tech & AI, Recruitment Best Practices

Written by: Premna Suzanne Jacob

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