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How To Improve Candidate Experience with Personalized Hiring Strategy

Published: October 04, 2016 In: Candidate Experience

The recruitment process of today is way different in terms of many hooks such as candidates experience, fast recruitment, talent engagement and so on. Running a successful business is not a cup of tea. In fact, you need to give it all you have to make your presence known. In keeping the momentum, your human resource should be proactive in finding the right fit. 

Recruiting needs to revamp its base to become a more oriented, approachable process. Candidates are no more satisfied with vague job descriptions, impersonal emails, and traditional going. Here comes the need of personalization.

Personalization of recruiting process can bridge the gap between the candidates and the employer.Recruiters are the first point of contact to the candidates, so then and there should be the point of action. If you have some well built, candidate friendly recruitment process, you are good to go. Believe it, if you are going to set the trend, you’ll be praised by the Gods of corporate world.

Why do we do that?

Personalization is an angel for you as a recruiter. Don’t believe it? Here’s the fact. The candidates are subjected to the recruitment process of any organization. If they have experienced something unsatisfied or sulky, they may lead towards sites such as Glassdoor, Mouthshut etc. to pull your brand image. But if you are ready to take up a new way, you should personalize the recruitment process for the whole betterment. So, personalizing your recruiting could be a good practice to follow.

Job Descriptions: Job Descriptions are the primary reading about the job for the job seekers. So, it should play a major role in the whole personalization process. But how do you personalize the Job Description? Well, by making it more detailed. This is the only activity you can do. Vague Job descriptions make them fall into the nets of complicity. Make your Job description talk to the candidates, communicate with them with its presence. Use video or graphical image for more interest and interaction of candidates. There should be the increment of knowledge after reading your Job description.

Proper Communication: The lack of communication is something unacceptable to the candidates. They want to get communicated with the recruiter throughout the whole process. In order to provide better candidate experience and develop a relationship, approach them before, between, and after the process of recruitment. They should know the post interview details of rejection also with a full touch of sincerity. You can mail them on a regular basis providing them some more information, not always related to the job. You can send them, some knowledgeable videos, images, documents to read even if you don’t have any update. You can wish them on the opportunity of festivals, New Years etc.

Emails: Sending the customized emails to the targeted group can fetch you some great communication with them. There are thousands of applicants who wants to get communicated. Beware of complicity! Use segmentation for this purpose. You can segment the candidates and applicants by ATS according to their background, industry, profession etc., then send them the emails accordingly for the update of their interest. Make your approach wide enough to cover each and every application.   

Video Interviews: Using video interviews to connect to the unapproachable and far away candidates are the most advanced, derived, and accurate way to interview. You are maintaining the limit of your budget, making the process much easy for yourself and the candidates, committing no mistakes. Video interviews could be synchronous and asynchronous according to the need of both the parties. The use of the latest technology would definitely entertain and cater the simplicity for the candidates.

Use Dynamic content: Creating a great content will surely give birth to the interest in your readers. Using that content in your job ads and postings can go a long way. You need to be sure about each and every word you are using in your job ads and postings as it can really make differences. Use inbound marketing as a recruiter to sell your job descriptions, ads to your candidates.

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Written by: Manas Gautam

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