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TalQuest '19: Instahiring, The fastest way to hire

Published: February 27, 2019 In: Remote Hiring


Good things don’t come often, and we like to keep it that way. After months of counting down to Asia’s biggest hiring tech event, TalQuest ‘19 was a grand success, courtesy of the organizers, speakers and delegates. Here’s a brief overview of everything that transpired on the big day!

TalQuest ‘19 was segmented into two parts that delved exclusively into the nuances of Instahiring: Masterclasses and Thought Leadership sessions. TalQuest featured exclusive Instahiring certifications for recruiters in the first half of the day.

TalQuest ‘19 welcomed over 250+ delegates for the day ahead with an explosive Event Opener Video, that you can check out below:

The conference kickstarted with an opening keynote by Talview’s CEO, Sanjoe Jose, who set the context for the Instahiring Masterclass sessions scheduled for the first half of the day. In the introductory keynote, Sanjoe stressed the importance of adoption to the rapid pace of the industry.

Sanjoe also highlighted Talview’s 3.5x growth in the last year, and brought to front all the new customers that Talview gained in the last financial year. Talview now has a global presence, having opened bases in cities like Atlanta, California, London and Singapore. Parallel to its business growth, the Talview team has also increased by 70% in 2018.

Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO of Talview

Introducing the concept of Instahiring, Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO at Talview, stated the following in his opening keynote.

"The way we work is changing with professionals preferring shorter employment tenures or gigs. Traditional hiring processes are ineffective and we need hiring techniques which can shrink time to hire from months to hours.  Instahiring Platform makes this possible via it's 3 pillars- automation of routine tasks, enabling anytime-anywhere processes and capturing & reusing data across the hiring process".

Starting the first half off was the Industry Expert Karen Chiang with “Global HR Leaders Talk” where she addressed the challenges faced in traditional hiring and tips to achieve quicker, efficient hiring.  

The HR Trailblazer Program

Rajeev Menon

Rajeev Menon, Chief Product Officer at Talview, set the context to Masterclass sessions and the exclusive, to-be-launched programme for recruiters- “The HR Trailblazer Program”. This programme will enable recruiters to carry their learnings on Instahiring beyond TalQuest. The HR Trailblazer Program will provide a competitive space where their recruiting abilities will be put to test, with time to hire as the dealbreaker. The winner of the Program will be provided with an opportunity to be featured in one of Talview’s HR events, along with the title of “HR Trailblazer”. 

First Leg: Masterclass sessions

The first Masterclass was presented by Ashish Sahu from Microsoft. With years of combined experience in technology and recruitment, Ashish elucidated the best ways to enable bots for faster recruitment. The subsequent session was hosted by Shashir Shetty, industry expert and one of Talview’s own. Shashir shared his expertise on remote assessments and their role in Instahiring.

Purva Acharya, ZS Associates

The third Masterclass session presented by Purva Acharya delved deep into integrating Artificial Intelligence in Video Interviews. Purva’s talk highlighted problems in the current recruitment process and provided deeper insight into using AI-based solutions to these overcome these challenges. The Masterclasses ended on a high with Sandeep Varghese from Talview and Krishnakumari Ganapathy from Cognizant in an exciting, insightful session titled “Designing and Articulating ROI: Story with Data and Analytics”.

Krishna Kumari Ganapathy, Cognuzant

The Masterclass sessions were a massive hit with recruiters with over 200 delegates being certified as “Instahiring Expert” at TalQuest Masterclass.

Second Leg- Thought Leadership | Major D P Singh | Awards

Major Dp Singh

The second half of the day didn’t fail to maintain the pace of the first leg of the day. The explosive second half of the day was an emotional session delivered by Major D P Singh, Kargil War Veteran, Paralympian and India’s First Blade runner. Filled with patriotic anecdotes, Major D P Singh left a lasting impression on the audience. The second leg of the day was power-packed with consecutive panel discussions featuring industry leaders from top organizations. The panel discussions fostered insightful, innovative discussions on the organizational impact of reduced time to hire.

Panel Discussion

In a special panel discussion headed by Annu Mathew, industry leaders like Girish Sharma from Accenture, Dr Murali Padmanabhan from Virtusa and Sudhir Mattoo from IBM spoke on the various ways to reboot the talent acquisition process/ecosystem to hire the rapidly changing workforce.

Panel Discussion

The second panel discussion moderated by Jaideep Agarwal from Deloitte fostered discussions on drastically reducing the time to hire with data and analytics, featuring other leaders like Vikas Dua from Aegis, Vikrant Kapur from Conduent, and Dishank Raj from Swiss RE. The conference featured delegates and teams from over 150+ top organizations, thus providing a platform for productive networking all through the day. Instahiring was clearly the star of the day, with Masterclass sessions providing solutions to overcome the challenges faced in traditional hiring.

Fireside chat with Saurabh Kapoor

The event ended on a high with a fireside chat featuring Talview’s Chief Sales Officer, Matt Pietsch and Saurabh Kapoor, Head TA from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, discussing hiring insights and Talview’s role in delivering accelerated hiring.


TalQuest '19 also had a special session dedicated to honouring the entrepreneurial and organizational abilities of clients after successfully implementing Instahiring. The winners were selected on the basis of their ability to quickly adapt to the disruption of the industry with efficient, cutting-edge HR technology. The nominees were chosen of Instahiring across different categories like Conglomerate Category, Global Category, Consulting and Analytics Category, TA disruption in manufacturing and insurance and Insta-screening in IT services. The winners included leading players in the industry like Cognizant, Aditya Birla Group, Mu-Sigma, ZS Associates, CEAT, HCL Technologies and many more.

The Way Forward

As the workforce is shifting to accommodate a gig-based economy fuelled by the generation of the future, it is imperative that recruiters shift to adapt to the change. Good talent is available in the market only for 10 days, and time to hire is the metric that matters. Instahiring helps the recruiter identify quality talent whilst keeping the time to hire under control.

To stay afloat in the future, it is important for HR teams to adopt faster hiring tactics, rethink organization and job models, embrace technology and leverage data to make better decisions and predictions.

Overall, TalQuest ‘19 recorded 250+ attendees from 150+ top organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. It's safe to say that TalQuest '19 was a wonderful day filled with learning for everyone. We’ll be back next year, bigger and better with more stellar sessions for our attendees!

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Written by: Abenaya Gunasekaran

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