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Mobile Hiring: Real time Engagement of Candidates

Published: October 12, 2015 In: Remote Hiring

This phase in the hiring space is very crucial - candidates keep receiving job alerts every day. Offering them with company insights, why your company is a better place to work at and facilities provided - are a few things that recruiters must consider.

A mobile app is quintessential in this phase - it is interactive, let's you have a control over what message is sent out. Candidates can initiate conversations with recruiters to clear any query they have about the job description through chat. Recruiters can then launch a broadcast to virtual interaction session with prospective hires. This is a necessary step in hiring to ensure that you hire the best candidate, not the next best.

Responding to queries on mobile app will not only help you portray your company as technologically sound, it also creates a brand for your company. You can also track candidate activity in your app and measure engagement level and also ensure the candidate receives information which is most relevant at any point of time in the job search.

How to use mobile in hiring?

  • Launch virtual interaction session

  • Live chat to answer querie

You can refer to out E-Book on Mobile Hiring: How to Get it Right for more information. 

A study by Recruiting Daily suggests, "75.4% of the recruiters never asked about candidate experience prior to the survey."


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Written by: Chaitanya

Chaitanya Pattapu, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, currently serves as the Chief of Staff and Marketing at Talview. With expertise in GTM partnerships and investor relations, he drives Talview's success through innovative hiring and proctoring solutions. Passionate about AI and LLMs. Chaitanya's interests extend to blogging on HR tech and Proctoring, offering insights into the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and education integrity.

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