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Mobile Recruitment Strategy - 101

Published: September 14, 2015 In: Remote Hiring


Recruiting methods don't matter if you are a small or big business or a huge corporation for that matter; but if you have not yet started mobile hiring, you are definitely way behind in the candidate's line of a prospective employer.

The trend has already started. A considerable portion of the talent comes to a company via a mobile recruiting experience. Candidate experience is enriched  by your career website on mobile, mobile recruitment apps and communication with your recruiters and hiring managers on mobile.

  • 94% of candidates want to see current job openings on the mobile career site
  • 72% of visitors to a mobile career site expect to find a description of the company culture
  • 54% read company reviews from employees on their mobiles while 52% research salary information

Start using engagement and hiring tool on a smartphone for your company and tap on a huge opportunity to attract and engage the right talent. So, if your company doesn’t have one, you should be writing an email to the manager suggesting your company has a mobile strategy for talent engagement and acquisition.

Get a grip on the mobile landscape; mobile has more capabilities than a desktop does and many additional capabilities like front-back cameras, multiple sensors, and better audio features. It not only allows job seekers to stay connected with your brand 24x7 through updates and notifications, it also allows them to respond to new jobs or queries from recruiter in real-time. It only makes sense for companies to meet job seeker's needs by using a mobile app based engagement tool.

Why to use mobile in hiring?

Leverage Mobile for:

  • Career Sites

  • Assessments

  • Interviews

  • On-boarding

  • Engagement.


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Written by: Raghavendra K

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