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Notions Associated with Video Interviews

Published: October 09, 2016 In: Recruitment Best Practices


When you consider Video Interviewing or online interviews, we have most likely a wide range of dissenting thoughts spring to mind. In any case, have you ever truly taken an ideal opportunity to check whether these thoughts had any truth behind them?

Given what we've been listening to, our group has chosen to put the confusions to rest! Do you feel that Video Interviewing is the same as video conferencing? On the other hand, the procedure is excessively frosty for candidates? It's a great opportunity to reconsider.

  • Video recruitment software and video conferencing are not the same
  • It's only suitable for volume or graduate recruitment is false
  • The process is cold and impersonal is not true as well
  • One does not need to be tech savvy to use the tools
  • Video interview does not eliminate the opportunity to probe candidates

In case you're contemplating actualizing Video Interviewing, your group will undoubtedly have a few inquiries. Ensure you give them an outline of what Video Interviewing really involves and clear up any confusing ideas.

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