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Talview Raises $6.75Mn For ‘Instahiring’

Published: August 19, 2019 In: Talview News & Events


The AI and ML- enhanced Instahiring platform will enable enterprises to drastically reduce time to hire by allowing recruiters to automate repetitive tasks


[Palo Alto / August 14, 2019] - Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruitment startup Talview today announced that it has secured $6.75 million in Series A funding to create a new HR Tech Platform: Instahiring. Through the platform, which the company plans to further enhance with AI capabilities thanks to the funding, Talview helps enterprise employers hire talent faster across the globe.

The Instahiring platform combines three techniques: automation of routine recruiter tasks, enabling anytime-anywhere interviewing, and capturing and reusing data across the hiring process. This is enabled by Talview’s AI-powered video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring, and advanced assessment solutions that leverage the best-in-class natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and video analytics capabilities.

Talview integrates into most applicant tracking systems (ATS) and learning management systems (LMS) to help reviewers and administrators automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on selecting the right candidates. The platform itself is designed to cater to the mobile-first internet user of the 21st century who is well-versed with virtual methods of communication.

So far, Talview’s talent acquisition process has helped global organizations such as Deloitte, Swiss Re, Cognizant and Sephora become equipped to excel in the growing gig economy, all while increasing its own revenue by 10 times in the last two years. It has also struck partnerships with big tech companies like Accenture, IBM and Microsoft to take its solution to customers across the globe.


"We believe in solving for the customer; time to hire is the North Star hiring metric for enterprises and our mission is to build the fastest hiring platform ever." - Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO of Talview.



Time to hire is an aspect of recruitment that many enterprises struggle with. Taking too long to bring new employees on board directly impacts the quality of the hire, as well as productivity levels and revenue generation. In fact, 57% of job hunters drop out of the hiring funnel due to a long hiring process, and top candidates are only available in the market for an average of ten days.



“Talview addresses precisely this need and offers an AI-driven Instahiring platform that is personalizing the hiring process for both candidates and enterprises.” - Arun Penmetsa, Partner at Storm Ventures.

Due to developments in big data analytics, AI and ML, HR Tech is expected to “positively impact” the growth of the HR management market, which is predicted to reach $30 billion in valuation by 2025. Taview’s AI is automating the highly inefficient Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry, which is expected to grow to US$ 40.57 billion by 2027.

About Talview

Talview is a HR Tech startup based in Palo Alto, founded by Sanjoe Jose, Subramanian ‘Mani’ K, and Jobin Jose. On a mission to enable every professional to have a successful career, Talview allows employers to see candidates as individuals with ambition, passions and skills - not just as resumes. Talview enables this through its Instahiring platform which is the fastest way to hire for enterprises.

About the investors

Talview received funding from Storm Ventures, Inventus Capital, Eileses Capital, and Emergent Ventures. They each have had success investing in successful startups and companies throughout the world.

Storm Ventures is a Silicon Valley based VC firm focused on Building Enterprise Leaders – as the first or early investor. Storm’s current enterprise software investments include Algolia, AtScale, and Talkdesk. Storm was the first or early investor in Airespace (Cisco), Marketo (Adobe), and Mobileiron.

Inventus Capital was founded in 2007 by successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs & early-stage VCs with a founder-first philosophy. The GPs have backed nearly 90 founders to date and invest with high conviction behind a very select number of new teams each year.

Eileses Capital invests in companies that will improve the way we live, learn, and work. They look for teams whose creativity is matched with bold ambition and teams that are ready to change themselves to change our world.

Emergent Ventures, a Silicon Valley based VC firm, partners early with high-potential entrepreneurs, and helps them find product-market fit and develop go-to-market. Emergent focuses on the Intelligent Software space, which includes themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Automation and Cloud Infrastructure.



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