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Proctoring Software an Equitable Exam Surveillance for Synchronous and Asynchronous Exam

Published: April 14, 2024 In: Online Exams & Proctoring

Proctoring Software an Equitable Exam Surveillance for Synchronous and Asynchronous Exam


In the ever-expanding field of online examinations, ensuring the integrity of exams has become a top priority for organizations worldwide. As traditional in-person assessments transition to digital formats, the need for reliable proctoring software has never been more pressing. From synchronous exams, where candidates are supervised in real-time, to asynchronous assessments, allowing for flexibility in scheduling, proctoring software offers a solution to the challenges of remote testing.

What are Synchronous and Asynchronous Exams?

Synchronous exams occur in real-time, with students taking the exam remotely under the supervision of a live proctor. Synchronous are generally high stake exams.

Asynchronous exams on the other hand, allow students to take the exam remotely at their convenience within a specified timeframe.

What is Proctoring Software?

Proctoring software helps to monitor and authenticate students during exams conducted remotely. These tools employ various methods, including live proctoring, record and review proctoring, and automated proctoring. Live proctoring involves a human proctor overseeing the exam in real-time, while recorded proctoring captures the exam session for later review. Automated proctoring utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to monitor student behavior and detect potential instances of cheating.

How Does Proctoring Software Work During Synchronous and Asynchronous Exams?

Proctoring software employs a variety of techniques to detect cheating during online exams. These include:

  • AI-based Behavior Monitoring: Algorithms analyze student behavior, such as eye movements, suspicious behavior, and gaze patterns, to identify malpractices during an exam.
  • Identity Verification: Software verifies the identity of students using methods such as facial recognition, ID verification, or biometric authentication.
  • Environment Monitoring: Some software uses webcam footage to monitor the exam environment for unauthorized aids or individuals.
  • Live Screen Share: With live screen share, software can detect if any unauthorized apps or tabs are open which can help cheating.
  • Multiple Face and Voice Detection: The tool helps in detecting multiple people or unusual noise in the background.

How Talview’s proctoring help Synchronous and Asynchronous Exams?

Talview's Proctoring Solution stands as a versatile tool at ensuring the integrity of both synchronous and asynchronous exams. For synchronous exams, Talview's live proctoring offers real-time monitoring capabilities, which allows to intervene promptly in cases of suspicious behavior while providing students with necessary support. In asynchronous settings, Talview's record and review proctoring and automated proctoring come into play, enabling instructors to review exam sessions at their convenience and leveraging AI algorithms to detect potential instances of cheating. With Talview's Proctoring Solution, organizations can confidently administer exams in online environments, assured that exam standards are being upheld effectively.


Proctoring software plays a vital role in maintaining exam integrity in both synchronous and asynchronous exam settings. Understanding the sophisticated techniques employed by proctoring software to detect cheating underscores the commitment to upholding exam standards. Leveraging AI-based behavior monitoring, plagiarism detection, identity verification, and environment monitoring, institution can effectively deter cheating and uphold the validity of exam results. In embracing these tools and fostering a culture of integrity, institutions not only safeguard the credibility of online assessments.

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