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Proctoring Will Soon Redefine Education While Enhancing E-learning

Published: October 30, 2017 In: Online Exams & Proctoring


Secured online proctoring is genuinely the next most significant development in the domain of e-learning. And while the substantive reading components of e-learning are digitized, online test taking practices haven’t yet become mainstream. But with new and innovative organizations like Talview(Proview) offering state of the art services, which ensure that the entire process is both secured and conducted as efficiently as possible.

Remote online proctoring finds application in several different instances. It can significantly assist educational institutions to conduct online exams that both reduce operational overheads for the management and streamline it in such a manner that it makes the entire test-taking experience very smooth for the students. Assessment providers can also make use of online proctoring service, as advanced services can really offer improved protection, and even weed out false positives.

But perhaps the most significant avenue for reform is e-learning and subsequently, the required examinations to obtain certification for the same. This is facilitated by the fact that it provides excellent security through advanced video and audio analytics and other benefits. Test-taking can be revolutionized through advanced cognitive remote proctoring.

Some of the current types of online remote proctoring only facilitate securing footage from the video of the test, post which humans will still have to manually examine the videos in order to check for malpractice. However, with Talview’s highly advanced software, several cutting-edge capabilities are offered daily, such as; Real-time recording, (both video and audio) which is programmed to check for suspicious activity (any sounds, or interference with video feed), lighting issues, fraudulent impersonations via getting others to take the test, etc.

This practically solves the above-mentioned problem as it digitizes the procedure, and ensures that no humans have to go back and recheck the entire test for malpractice. In fact, it is programmed with instructions to flag any suspicious activity, thereby taking over the process of checking for misconduct.

 Either in the case of universities or in the case of assessment providers, there are several logistical problems, as it is very hard to have physical testing centers in many onsite locations, in order to ensure that all the mandated individuals take the test. There are also security concerns, as employers and universities have witnessed many cases of fraud, as other individuals take tests, and sometimes use deceitful means (e.g., smartphones to cheat), and in order to curtail such wrongful practices, a clearly functioning impartial and secured system that checks for all these activities must be put in place.

And the solution to these problems is brought out in the form of secured online proctoring. In addition to all the benefits listed above, pioneering companies like Talview offer a more extensive array of advantages in their software. They possess advanced automated remote proctoring systems that can even red flag tests if background voices are heard, and through ensuring that only quality individuals can pass the test (via maintaining a strictly secure system that weeds out suspicious acts), it necessarily eliminates all overhead resource costs which are needed to administer these tests.

It avoids all forms of impersonation and fraudulence by ensuring that there are state of the art face recognition tools that validate the authenticity of candidates taking the test. Therefore, it becomes clear why online proctoring is no longer, just the ‘future’, but is also fast becoming the ‘now’!




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Written by: Nadene Barboza

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