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Exam Integrity with Proview's Canvas Proctoring Solutions

Published: July 09, 2023 In: AI Proctoring Solution

Canvas Proctoring Solutions: How Proview Enhances Exam Integrity

What is Canvas LMS?

In the world of digital education, ensuring the integrity of online exams has become paramount. Canvas LMS, renowned for its comprehensive learning management capabilities, serves educational institutions, corporate training departments, and certification programs. Within this context, exploring canvas proctoring options is critical for educators aiming to uphold academic integrity and security. Proview's integration with Canvas LMS emerges as a leading solution, offering advanced proctoring features tailored to the needs of modern online assessments.

Canvas LMS: A Brief Overview

Canvas LMS, developed by Instructure, shines for its user-friendly design and adaptable platform that streamlines the administration and delivery of online courses. Its intuitive interface, robust features for collaborative learning, and seamless integration with various third-party tools set it apart. Educators find Canvas invaluable for creating and organizing course materials, while students enjoy a smooth and engaging learning journey.

Canvas Proctoring with Proview Proctoring

Features of Proview's Canvas Proctoring Integration

Proview, powered by Talview, introduces a comprehensive suite of canvas proctoring tools designed to ensure exam integrity and enhance the assessment process. With options including Automated Proctoring, Live Remote Proctoring, and Record and Review Proctoring, Proview adapts to various testing requirements, offering in multiple languages:

  • AI-based Behavior Monitoring: Detects suspicious activities, alerting proctors to potential integrity breaches.
  • Talview Secure Browser: Prevents unauthorized access during exams, enhancing security.
  • Customizable Proctoring Settings: Allows institutions to tailor proctoring to their specific needs, ensuring flexibility and compliance.
  • Scalability and Cost Efficiency Make Proview suitable for assessments of any scale without the need for additional infrastructure.

Talview Proctoring Solution

Proview Proctoring and Canvas LMS Integration: Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security and Exam Integrity: Ensures a secure exam environment and prevents cheating through real-time monitoring and AI-based algorithms, deterring unethical behaviour.

  • Simplified Assessments for Educators and Learners: Provides a unified platform, automates proctoring functions and provides access within Canvas, enhancing learner engagement and reducing costs.

  • Streamlined Process for Time and Cost Savings: Effortless test management by consolidating tools and features, saving time by eliminating platform switching, and providing a user-friendly experience.

  • Two-Factor Authentication and Integrity Scores: Offers the advantage of face and voice authentication and provides integrity score to indicate the level of potential malpractice.

  • Customizable Proctoring Settings: Institutions can tailor proctoring settings to meet their specific assessment policies, ensuring flexibility and compliance with diverse requirements.


What does proctoring enabled mean on Canvas?

When proctoring is enabled on Canvas, it means that the exam or assessment is monitored using proctoring software like Proview. This ensures that the exam is conducted under secure conditions, deterring cheating and ensuring compliance with academic integrity standards.

How does proctoring work on Canvas?

Proctoring on Canvas works by integrating a proctoring solution, such as Proview, into the LMS. During an exam, Proview monitors test-takers through AI-based behaviour analysis, secure browser technology, and customizable proctoring settings. This allows for real-time detection of suspicious activities and ensures that the exam environment is secure and fair.


By integrating Proview's advanced canvas proctoring solutions, educational institutions and training programs can leverage Canvas LMS's capabilities to their fullest extent, ensuring an optimal and integrity-rich online learning experience. Contact us if you are looking to leverage Proctoring Integration with Canvas LMS. 

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