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Proview Proctoring Integration with Canvas LMS

Published: July 09, 2023 In: AI Proctoring Solution

What is Canvas LMS?

Canvas LMS is a powerful learning management system used in educational institutions, corporate training departments, and certification programs. Learning about this LMS integration is worth, as it provides wide range of features.   

Developed by Instructure, Canvas offers a flexible and intuitive platform for managing and delivering online courses. It has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and robust features that support collaborative learning and engagement.

Canvas LMS enables educators and teachers to create, organize, and deliver course content effectively while providing learners with a seamless and interactive learning experience.

Instructure's Canvas LMS offers a wide range of features and advantages, including:

  • Enhanced engagement through live audio, video and chat features along with embedded multimedia into lesson plans

  • Comprehensive gradebook for instructors to efficiently manage and track student grades.

  • Diverse assessment types, grade submissions, provide feedback, and track learner progress effectively.

  • Insights into learner performance, track engagement, and identify areas for improvement through data-driven analytics.

  • Smart integration with third-party apps, including Nearpod, Google Assignments, and Discovery Education, enhancing the learning experience.

Canvas LMS Integration with Proview Proctoring

Features of Proview Proctoring Solution

Powered by TalviewProview is a comprehensive remote proctoring platform. This AI-powered proctoring platform is mobile-friendly and has plug-and-play integration capabilities.

It offers 3 types of solutions: Automated ProctoringLive Remote Proctoring and Record and Review Proctoring, allowing effective monitoring of test-takers in real-time, ensuring the integrity of assessments. AI-based behavior monitoring detects suspicious activities, and alerts proctors for immediate action.

Proview Proctoring also offers Talview Secure Browser, which prevents unauthorized access to the test browser. Automated flags and monitoring of suspicious behavior simplifies the process of identifying potential violations. Customizable proctoring settings cater to specific requirements of any institution, organization or certification program.

The scalability and cost efficiency of Proview Proctoring Solution make it suitable for both large-scale and small-scale assessments without additional infrastructure investments.

Talview Proctoring Solution

Proview Proctoring and Canvas LMS Integration: Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security and Exam Integrity: Ensures a secure exam environment, prevents cheating through real-time monitoring and AI-based algorithms, deterring unethical behavior.

  • Simplified Assessments for Educators and Learners: Provides a unified platform, automates proctoring functions and provides access within Canvas, enhancing learner engagement, and reducing costs.

  • Streamlined Process for Time and Cost Savings: Effortless test management by consolidating tools and features, saving time by eliminating platform switching, and providing a user-friendly experience.

  • Two-Factor Authentication and Integrity Scores: Offers the advantage of face and voice authentication and provides integrity score to indicate the level of potential malpractice.

  • Customizable Proctoring Settings: Institutions can tailor proctoring settings to meet their specific assessment policies, ensuring flexibility and compliance with diverse requirements.


The integration of Proview Proctoring Solution with Canvas LMS enhances the security and integrity of assessments while streamlining the assessment process. It provides educators and learners with a unified platform, simplifying workflows and saving time and costs. By integrating Proview Proctoring with Canvas LMS, organizations, institutions and certification programs can create a secure and fair exam environment, deter cheating, and provide an optimal learning experience to the learners.

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