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Shift in Hiring Pendulum By Video Interview!

Published: October 12, 2015 In: Remote Hiring

Transformation of Hiring with Video Interview

Technology has been transforming rapidly - this not only affects the way an organization functions but also the way you build an effective workforce. Recruiting has moved a long way from pen and paper format to online job boards, social media and now video interviews.

The best way to showcase that you are agile and long sighted as a company to potential hires is by using modern recruiting solutions. Video Interviews are a boon for employers and candidates in multiple ways. It allows recruiters to save time, effort, and hire better talent at the click of a button and equip the candidates to find the best matched opportunity.

For screening, options available are automated interviews, code evaluation and written assessments. At a later stage, if the candidate matches recruiter's requirement, they could invest time into live interviews. This works well for campus hiring, technology and sales hiring as well, where recruiters have to screen and select candidates for a handful of positions in a short span of time.

In the upcoming posts, we will delve into the details of hiring via video interviews, written assessments, and code evaluation in the field of tech, sales and campus hiring.

You can also go through the webinar on Hiring Automation & Digital Interviews by Sonjoe Jose, the CEO of Talview.

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Written by: Harjoth Singh

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