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Social Media as a Recruitment Platform

Published: September 22, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI


Social Media is a popular tool with regards to marketing and content delivery, organizations have specific teams assigned to handle the social media aspect of their brand. However, social media has proved to be a vital resource in terms of the recruitment process. A large amount of information with regards to candidates can be collected from these social media platforms and can be a base for analyzing and making the final decision to hire. Some of these advantages of the social media platform are:

  • It gives you a preview to your candidate, the kind of posts they put up, their thought process. A LinkedIn profile would talk more on the professional front. All of it together creates a strong foundation for the interview

  • Take advantage of big data insight -  use social media data for understanding and identifying successful candidates.

  • Monitor the general opinion of the candidates about the company. The image of the company in the minds of the consumers makes a lot of difference with regards to the kind of applications you receive at the time of hiring as well.

  • Encourage the employees to be active on social media, putting up posts about the workplace and the events that take place in the workplace would motivate potential candidates to apply in the future.

  • Build a database of talented candidates, and use their data to create and deliver personalized content, also at the time of recruitment this database would reduce the time and effort spent on cold calling.

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It is important to analyze the effectiveness of the way you utilize social media, and if the results are not good enough then you need to rethink how you are using it before letting go of it. 

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Written by: Apurva Bharadwaj

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