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[Stats] Mobile Recruitment: How to Get it Right

Published: November 15, 2016 In: Remote Hiring

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Recruiting methods don’t matter if you are a small or big business or a huge corporation, but if you have not gone mobile recruitment methods, you are definitely way behind in the candidate’s line of a prospective employer. The trend has already started - a considerable portion of the talent comes to your company via a mobile recruiting experience. Candidates access your career website on mobile, apply on mobile, and communicate with your recruiters & hiring managers on mobile. Start using smartphone for hiring & engagement. This opens up a huge opportunity to attract and engage the right talent. So, if your company doesn’t have one, you should be writing an email to the manager suggesting your company employ a mobile strategy for talent engagement and acquisition.

Statistics on the Usage of Mobile Phones and Candidate Behavior
  1. 94% of candidates want to see current job openings on the mobile career site.

  2. 72% of visitors to a mobile career site expect to find a description of the company culture.

  3. 45% candidates are drawn to mobile career sites, incorporate it. Offer 24/7 updates and notifications.

  4. 54% employees read company reviews from employees on their mobiles.

  5. 52% candidates research salary information.

  6. 75.4% of the recruiters never asked about candidate experience prior to the survey.

  7. 45% of job seekers use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day. Having a mobile career site makes it easier for the candidates to apply for jobs and as a result, you have better candidate pool.

  8. 68% of the candidates rated the employers with 3 or more stars out of 5 on their overall candidate experience.

  9. 80% of those candidates weren’t hired.

  10. According Harvard Business Review, “Humans are very good at eliciting information — but they’re bad at weighing the results, a simple equation outperforms human decisions by at least 25%.

  11. 89% believe a mobile device is an important tool for job searching.

  12. 43% of candidates lie on their resume about Salary (27%), Time spent in a job (15%), Skills (17%), Previous job responsibilities (19%), and Credentials (12%)

  13. Researchers predict that world’s population roughly 7.5 billion will be surpassed by the number of mobile devices by 2016.

And that is why you need to start using mobile in your hiring methods! Access the full guide here.

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