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Talent Assessment: A Boon or Sunken Ship?

Published: September 21, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment Market is considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses right now. There are three major vendors available in this market:

  • Consulting firms

  • Test publisher firms

  • Technology firms that deliver the assessments

The assessment market has a number of different vendors, each of whom provides the company with a different level of precision. However, is there a way to quantify the effectiveness of these assessments anymore? HR professionals diligently avoid the struggle that is involved in the preparation, distribution, and evaluation of these tests. Talent assessment is done not just at the time of hiring, but also post-hiring in order to continuously train the employee. There are certain criticisms placed against the sanctity and value of these assessments, what these criticisms are and why are they made is discussed in this article below.

  • Design and delivery of Assessments: The concept of preparing assessments has been very tedious and time-consuming. Earlier these assessments were paper-based and required a large question bank to be prepared. As the time has passed we have telephonic rounds and online assessments However, there is still the inevitable need for a large question bank to test the candidate properly. Although, the effectiveness, and reliability of these assessments is now questionable.

  • Are Interviews the best way to judge? Interviews are another method of pre-hiring assessment. However, one can question the level of authenticity they would hold in the long run. Interviews involve an interactive session between the recruiter and the candidate, wherein the candidate is judged on the basis of the answers they give and their physiological and behavioral patterns. However, it is impossible to re-create those similar reactions again, which makes it hard to scale and can prove to be insufficient.

  • Outdated Methods of Assessment: Traditional methods of assessments are now considered to be outdated, with no proper scale to measure the effectiveness of these methods. Also, these methods although provide valuable data, but rather it takes the time to consume and a tiring experience for the candidates. This creates a negative impression of the company in the minds of the candidate, this is a factor often ignored by organizations which should be considered, as candidates today are up to date on the various social media platforms and a negative experience would definitely be shared by them.

It is therefore very important to understand the trends in the market and to keep updated with the latest technologies available. Also, it is necessary to understand which type of vendor would be the right choice to create an assessment pattern for the potential and current employees of your organization. Predictive analysis has proved to be an effective and reliable tool and is rapidly gaining popularity.

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Written by: Apurva Bharadwaj

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