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TalQuest'16 | HR Technology Today and Unsolved Business Problems.

Published: August 21, 2016 In: Talview News & Events


From Left: Rajeev Menon, Suman Akkiraju - HCL, Jatinder Salwan - Societe Generale, George Oommen - Cognizant

TalQuest2016 went underway with the panel discussion on the topic - “HR Technology Today and Unsolved Business Problems”. The panelists comprised of some of the stalwarts from the HR industry: George Oommen, Director - HR, Technology & Process Consulting, Cognizant

Jatinder Salwan, Senior Vice President - HR, Societe Generale

Rajeev Menon, Talent Measurement Specialist

Suman Akkiraju, Associate Vice President - HR, HCL Technologies

Mr. Rajeev Menon moderated the panel discussion. He presented the first question to the panel as “How have the panellists seen HR challenges evolve over the last few years?” This led to an intellectually stimulating discussion among the panellists. They elaborated about the challenges they’ve seen emerging in the industry in recent years, including frequent job change, rising attrition rates, a shift in candidate expectations and so on.

The concluding question for the discussion was “What are some futuristic technologies that can come into play in HR?” The panel highlighted the disruption that the digital medium has brought about in the field of HR in the 21st century. Video interviews, online resumes and one interesting fact – that most candidate search for a new job while they are in the loo!!

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