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Talview Interview Insights Awarded Top Product of the Year

Published: September 01, 2022 In: Talview News & Events

Engineered to Maximize the Effectiveness of the Interview Process 

San Mateo, Calif – September 1, 2022 – Talview, the global leader for hiring and proctoring solutions, is proud to announce Talview Interview Insights has been awarded 2022 Top HR Product of the Year, Talent Acquisition, honors by Human Resource Executive. Talview’s latest solution analyzes interview conversations and uses AI-based cognitive services to assess the candidate AND the interviewer’s performance to deliver specific, explainable, and actionable insights to the interview process. 

We began with a simple question. How can an organization accurately predict job candidate performance if you can’t measure and ensure the quality of the interview process and the interviewer? The larger the organization, the more pressing the question becomes. 

The judges at Human Resource Executive had to select from among 150 HR solution candidates, narrowing the field to 30 product demonstration requests. The judges noted an uptick in submission this year, with more than ever before worthy of Top Product honors. The judges were impressed by the ability of Interview Insights to collect, share, search, and make good use of candidate interviews, but it was the insights into interviewer performance – including suggestions, tools, and resources to improve – that pushed Talview Interview Insights into the winner’s circle. 

“We’re very proud to have our new Solution be recognized by Human Resource Executive as a Top HR Product. With Interview Insights, we have integrated best-practice interview frameworks with highly nuanced AI models,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO, Talview. “Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of the interview within the talent measurement/hiring cycle.”  

Talview Interview Insights has been designed to resolve a number of challenges Recruiters and Hiring Managers have reported to our researchers: 

  • Interviews are not always effective (valid), resulting in Bad Hires  
  • Interviews are not always fair (unbiased), leading to adverse DEI impacts 
  • Good candidates can be lost to unskilled interviewers due to a Poor Candidate Experience 

How do organizations with tens, or even 100s, of interviewers take control of their quality of interviewing?   

By monitoring for biases in conversations, conformance to interview best practices, talk ratios, gauging question/topic relevance to the role, and more, Talview Interview Insights helps overcome these obstacles, no matter the scale. 

“The interview is the single most common assessment. It’s used in almost every hiring process,” said Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview. “Just like any other assessment, the more objective the information gathered, the better it will predict job success. How can you expect to achieve a replicable, highly efficient interview process without monitoring that process and continuously training your interviewers over time with constructive feedback?” 

Talview Interview Insights is designed to provide a persistent structure to the interview process. Along with providing interview summaries, and surfacing key attributes of the interview, Interview Insights also provides on-going constructive feedback to improve interviewer performance. 

The new solution will be unveiled to the recruiting and talent acquisition community at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition. We are looking forward to receiving the Top HR Product Award, but even more excited to share our latest hiring solution. Going to HR Tech? Book a personal demonstration of Talview Interview Insights at Talview.com and be entered to win a Folding E-Bike (shipping included). 

Interview Insights is the latest integrated solution for the Talview Talent Measurement Platform, the AI-powered Hiring software that orchestrates everything HR and TA leaders need to hire faster, better, and at scale. Talview provides the digital tools needed to create a flexible, customized, completely digital hiring process designed to reduce time to hire, lower cost of hire, and increase quality of hire.  




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