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Talview Introduces Proctoring Solution for Certification Providers and Welcomes Sundar Nagarathnam as Advisor

Published: June 01, 2022 In: Talview News & Events

The goal is digitizing certification examinations simply, securely and at scale.  

San Mateo, Calif – June 1, 2022 – Talview, the global leader for AI-powered hiring and proctoring solutions, introduces Proctoring Solution for Certification Providers, engineered for secure, accessible online examinations and certifications. Designed with business and technical certification providers and test takers in mind, the Talview Proctoring Solution delivers the orchestration to proctor certifications at scale, with a secure and affordable platform while offering a smooth, accessible experience and 24/7 real-time support for test takers. 

The company is also pleased to have Sundar Nagarathnam join as an Advisor. Sundar is well recognized as an innovative pioneer in leading Education and Certification programs at organizations like Oracle, Salesforce, VMware, NetApp, and most recently at Automation Anywhere. He will be advising the company leadership on product and go-to-market strategy as Talview continues to expand its market share in the digital certification space. 

“There is a tremendous need today for digital learning and certification that is secure and seamless,” said Sundar. “Organizations around the world are focused on augmenting their digitized testing and certification processes to fill the growing need for technical experts. Talview enables secure proctoring at any scale, with virtually any learning and testing platform.” 

The pace at which cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) are being adopted and implemented has created a significant skill gap across industries – from retail to banking to healthcare. For these emerging technologies to be implemented and leveraged, a large pool of certified professionals, proficient in these technologies, is required. Organizations are increasingly relying on talent from around the globe, far beyond their traditional local markets.  

“Our world has become digitized. A remote workforce is increasingly the norm,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO, Talview. “Organizations need access to highly skilled, certified technology professionals. This results in candidates applying for jobs around the world, regardless of their physical location. This requires new ways of learning and credentialing, and secure, trusted platforms for online examinations. This is the need our Proctoring Solution for Certification Providers has been engineered to address.”  

 The Proctoring Solution focuses on delivering six key benefits to customers: 

  • Easy Integration with LMSs and Test Engines 
  • A Smooth Testing Experience for Test Takers 
  • Expanding and Scaling Your Education Services 
  • Protecting Content and Exam Integrity 
  • Safeguarding Data for Compliance 
  • World-Class Support and Services Team 

The Proctoring Solution for Certification Providers delivers a full suite of proctoring and examination products to support every organization’s technical and professional certification exam needs. Talview has partnered with other innovative solutions such as Certiverse to make its service available to the wider market. 

“We’ve designed our testing solutions to allow customers to easily create high-quality exam content at scale,” said Ruben Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Certiverse. “Talview has built an advanced and user-friendly proctoring platform that integrates with our testing solutions to create a seamless experience for internal teams and candidates. We share common goals – reducing costs, eliminating barriers for entry, and making testing more accessible for everyone.” 

The demand for valid and trusted technical certification is only going to grow. Unfortunately, this demand increases the malpractice efforts of those looking to circumvent exams, assessments, and tests. Repeated studies have shown that rule violations or use of unfair practices are more likely to occur in non-proctored exams. A signed statement or verbal acceptance is not enough to ensure the integrity of a certification. A robust, flexible, secure proctoring solution integrated into an LMS or other exam software is the most efficient and effective solution, regardless of whether the testing platform is off-the-shelf or a customized system built in-house. 

“Today’s proctoring solutions must do more than integrate with learning management systems (LMS),” said Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview. “Proctoring solutions should not require downloads and installations. They should work regardless of the operating system or browser, on virtually any device that can access the internet. Our mutual goal should be to increase opportunities, to increase access to a global pool of skilled, reliably certified technology professionals. Doing so creates a win-win scenario for everyone.” 

Talview believes trusted remote credentialing is essential to bridge the skill gap of technical professionals in our increasingly digital world. Secure and trusted credentialing platforms enable companies to meet applicants wherever they are. Such platforms can democratize traditionally restricted credentialing processes, allowing companies to fully trust candidates applying for jobs regardless of their physical location, meeting the demand for certified tech professionals, and increasing opportunities around the globe. 

Learn more about the Proctoring Solution for Certification Providers at Talview.com. 


Talview offers an award-winning Measurement Platform that orchestrates hiring and proctoring workflows: screening, interviews, assessments, exams, and credentials. Organizations seeking more efficient, effective, and intelligent decisions throughout the talent lifecycle can access a single, AI-powered platform for intelligent insights. A 360-degree view of talent potential enables quick, confident, and bias-free decisions, providing an equal opportunity for all. 


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