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Talview Partners With LinkedIn Talent Hub to Put AI-powered Live Video Interviewing Inside the New ATS

Published: January 07, 2020 In: Talview News & Events

With the integration of live video interviewing, users of LinkedIn Talent Hub can interview candidates anywhere and at anytime, objectively assess hard and soft skills, and verify authenticity




SAN JOSE, California, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruitment startup Talview today announces that it's an integration partner with LinkedIn's Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Talent Hub. LinkedIn Talent Hub allows organizations to source, manage, and hire candidates from one place, and Talview's live interviewing capabilities are now integrated into the LinkedIn Talent Hub experience.

Talview's AI-powered Instahiring Experience platform combines three techniques to drastically reduce time-to-hire: automating routine recruiting tasks, anytime interviewing and assessments, and capturing and reusing data from across the hiring process. The platform leverages natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision, and video analytics to speed up hiring by 60% and improve candidate experience.

LinkedIn Talent Hub is the only ATS built on the LinkedIn network with more than 645 million members. The platform also provides companies with insights throughout the hiring process, allowing them to make better talent decisions and gain an edge over the competition.

Talview Live Interviewing's integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub will allow users to interview candidates anytime, anywhere, assess coding, writing, speaking, soft skills, and even verify the authenticity of candidates through secure proctoring.

Live video interviewing is becoming increasingly important in today's job market as it allows organizations to hire the best global and local employees without requiring them to travel onsite for an interview. Talview's video interviewing software also streamlines scheduling and lets interview teams capture and save their comments on candidates.

Every company needs video interviewing to access the best digital talent globally," said Sanjoe Jose, CEO of Talview. Over 90% of users we've surveyed are very positive about their experience as it gives them access to more employers across the globe.

Partnering with Talview helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience, says Katherine Tsay, Business Development at LinkedIn. "We will continue to work closely to ensure our customers can source, manage, and hire candidates all in one place.


For more information visit: https://info.talview.com/partners/linkedin-talent-hub

About Talview

Launched in 2017, Talview is a HR Tech startup based in San Jose, founded by Sanjoe Jose, Subramanian 'Mani' K, and Jobin Jose. Talview's Instahiring Experience Platform empowers organizations by enabling "anytime, anywhere" remote processes, automating routine tasks, and reusing data across the hiring process. The AI-enabled video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring, and advanced assessment solutions leverage best-in-class NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Video Analytics capabilities.

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