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[Press Release] Talview Proview Live Proctoring - A Hybrid Solution for High Stakes Exams

Published: August 26, 2020 In: Talview News & Events

Bangalore, India

Global AI recruitment and remote proctoring leader, Talview, today announces the launch of Talview Proview Live Proctoring, a comprehensive platform that combines the power of AI-enabled automated proctoring with active human monitoring and intervention. This all-inclusive solution enables educational institutions, certification bodies, and organizations worldwide to deter cheating and administer secure end-to-end exams anytime, anywhere.

The pandemic has necessitated alternative forms of testing the knowledge of students across the globe. Talview has seen a significant increase in the demand for its remote proctoring tools to facilitate a credible and secure remote online testing experience. With Talview Proview Live Proctoring, it will be foraying into the unexplored domain of hybrid proctoring by merging the best of both live and AI-led proctoring.

Here, a human proctor assisted by automated proctoring provides a double-check in real-time to maintain the exam's integrity while taking care of the candidate experience. 

Its prominent features include exam monitoring and intervention in real-time, live chat and announcement facility, AI-enabled facial recognition, two-factor authentication, easy integration with any test engine, multi-device compatibility, exhaustive report generation, test integrity scoring,  and so much more!

What sets Talview apart from other EdTech providers is its robust proctoring technology that is highly scalable and cost-efficient, along with a thorough proctor empanelment & monitoring process ensuring high quality of service. Additionally, its contemporary UI and top-notch non-intrusive design make for a safe and secure candidate experience. It also has added security features like AI facial recognition, copy/paste blocking, test access restrictions, 360° test environment check, browser freezing, question paper watermarking, and much more, ensuring 100% integrity. 

“This is one more step towards our vision of enabling every individual to build the best career for themselves by facilitating affordable education, anywhere anytime,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO at Talview. 

Talview's education solutions are already successfully used by institutions such as City & Guilds, EWU, XLRI, DigiPen, CLFP, NITIE, Pitsco, LPP Learning, and more.

To learn more, visit https://www.talview.com/proview-live-proctoring or reach out at info@taview.com

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