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Talview Releases Study on Enterprise Talent Acquisition

Published: May 10, 2022 In: Talview News & Events

Talent Measurement Tools Have Become the Key to Successful Hiring at Scale 

[San Mateo, Calif – May 10, 2022]  Talview, the global talent measurement leader for hiring and proctoring, today announced the release of Enterprise Talent Acquisition Requires Effective Talent Measurement Tools: Actionable Insights and a Holistic Understanding of Candidates are the Goal. The Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot, a custom study commissioned by Talview, reports on the role modernized hiring tools can have on an organization’s ability to meet talent acquisition (TA) priorities efficiently and effectively. 

Forrester Consulting surveyed 150 senior leaders responsible for talent acquisition technology to explore the state of TA processes at large U.S. companies. On the heels of the global pandemic, operational models and talent markets have been redefined, making the strategic importance of talent acquisition higher than ever. In the enterprise space, TA and hiring teams need faster and more reliable candidate and organization-level insights to make informed talent decisions with confidence. 

“This study details the monumental changes we’re seeing in the job market. There is an abundance of opportunity amidst the disruption, but companies are struggling with too many blockers and inefficiencies in traditional recruitment methods,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO, Talview. “In the new normal, companies need to focus on candidate insights: wide-scope, in-depth data beyond a simple list of hard skills and experience. Organizations that figure out how to hire fast and with confidence, while delivering an effective digital hiring experience, will thrive.” 

A few of the key findings in the survey study include: 

  • Top TA Priorities: at least 80% of decision makers are focused on improving the quality and speed of hires, as well as confidence in their talent decisions.   
  • Candidate Insights and Data are Lacking: 60% of respondents cite inadequate candidate insights and data as a challenge to improve TA decisions, experience, and processes. 
  • High Reliance on Multiple Hiring Tools: as the stakes for talent decisions rise, so does reliance on hiring tools. Leaders need a holistic understanding of candidates.   
  • TA Leaders Seek AI Tools to Bridge Decision Gaps: to improve processes and experiences, hiring leaders desire intelligent, inclusive, and integrated tools – including AI-enabled features capable of reducing manual work and hiring biases.  

“Organizations are seeking both high-level and candidate-level insights. Since traditional hiring tools are not delivering the required data, they struggle with too many delays and a lack of actionable candidate insights. AI-powered tools can help speed the process,” said Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview. Organizations that have intelligent systems in place can greatly reduce bias, increase diversity, and ensure confident decision making.” 

There is increased pressure on TA and hiring leaders in today’s talent market to rethink their companies’ sourcing, recruiting, screening, and assessing strategies. The right tools can mitigate bias while providing the hiring speed and candidate insights talent acquisition teams need to succeed in the competition for top talent. The ideal hiring solutions will be intelligent, inclusive, and integrated. 

Talview recently hosted a webinar providing insights into the results of the Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by Talview. Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO & Founder, Talview, and Cece Lee, VP Marketing, Talview, along with guest speaker Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Forrester, presented the findings. A recording of the webinar, Insights on Enterprise Hiring: Survey Results Review, is now available on-demand. 

Get your copy of Enterprise Talent Acquisition Requires Effective Talent Measurement Tools: Actionable Insights and a Holistic Understanding of Candidates are the Goal, a Forrester Consulting study on enterprise hiring commissioned by Talview, at Talview.com.   


Talview offers an award-winning Measurement Platform that orchestrates hiring and proctoring workflows: screening, interviews, assessments, exams, and credentials. Organizations seeking more efficient, effective, and intelligent decisions throughout the talent lifecycle can access a single, AI-powered platform for intelligent insights. A 360-degree view of talent potential enables quick, confident, and bias-free decisions, providing an equal opportunity for all. 

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