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Talview Wins HR Tech Award 2022

Published: May 19, 2022 In: Talview News & Events

Named Winner for Talent Acquisition: Best Comprehensive Solution

San Mateo, Calif – May 19, 2022 – Talview, the global talent measurement leader for AI-powered hiring and proctoring solutions, is proud to announce they have received the 2022 HR Tech Award for Talent Acquisition: Best Comprehensive Solution. Talview is both excited to receive this affirmation of their progress in enhancing and simplifying recruiting workflows for talent acquisition (TA) and recruiting teams.  

"With more and more companies hiring remote workers than ever before, talent leaders need a solution to give them confidence in the abilities of those hires,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “Talview tackles that common need with a unique solution, offering remote proctoring, assessments, and support for employers as they screen candidates. We were definitely intrigued by this offering."  

According to their data, Lighthouse Research & Advisory, the company behind the HR Tech Awards, more than 5,000 providers exist across the HR technology landscape, with more entering the space every single day. This year, the HR Tech Awards is recognizing approximately 1% of those firms for their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about. 

“We see this award as a validation of our efforts to meet the demands of talent acquisition in the new digitized world,” said Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO, Talview. “There is a tremendous opportunity to disrupt traditional methodologies in favor of new, innovative solutions that improve the speed and efficiency of the hiring process, provide talent insights to identify best-fit candidates, and boost employee retention. This award shows that Talview is leading the way.”  

The Talview Measurement platform centralizes and orchestrates hiring and proctoring workflows into a seamless process, resulting in: 

  • Reduced Time to Hire: With top candidates on the market for less than 10 days, automating manual tasks for recruiters and removing any friction in the process has become vital. 
  • Improved Candidate Experience: With large majority of candidates dropping out due to poorly crafted experiences, personalized experience with storytelling is super critical.  
  • Reduced Cost per Hire: A focus on significant time-savings for HR and TA staff simultaneously reduces operational costs.  
  • Improved Quality of Hire: Pre-hire assessments – behavioral, cognitive, learnability, and skill-based – provide the data needed for confident hiring decisions. 

Talview Solutions integrate with top ATSs, LMSs, HR technology, and assessment providers. These integrations with Talview Solutions culminate in a reliable, easily accessed single source of data for greatly improved candidate insights. Talview’s regular internal audits ensure compliance with global laws and regulations, including GDPR, PDPA, COPPA, CCPA, and SOC II.  

The HR Tech Awards are powered by Lighthouse Research and Advisory. The goal of the HR Tech Awards is to provide high-quality, reliable information on the latest innovative HR and TA technologies that solve the problems facing industry professionals today. A panel of independent judges review dozens of entries for specific criteria including tangible results, key differentiators, and the company behind the technology. 

“The hiring and proctoring landscape has radically changed over the last two years. Flexibility and the ability to integrate with other software are no longer nice-to-have, these are now must-have features,” said Dr. Fred Rafilson, Chief I/O Psychologist, Talview. “The day of siloed software solutions is past. TA and HR technologies must integrate to create maximum value for their organizations throughout the hiring process - from recruiting, screening, interviewing, and pre-hire assessments, to talent decisions and beyond.”  

Talview elevates the hiring process onto a talent measurement platform, delivering a single source of truth for hiring and proctoring data. This reduces entry errors and provides a comprehensive picture of the entire talent lifecycle. The goal is to improve efficiency, reduce bias, increase diversity, and ensure confident, informed decision making. The 2022 HR Tech Award for Talent Acquisition: Best Comprehensive Solution tells us we’re making great progress. 

Learn more at Talview.com. 


Talview offers an award-winning Measurement Platform that orchestrates hiring and proctoring workflows: screening, interviews, assessments, exams, and credentials. Organizations seeking more efficient, effective, and intelligent decisions throughout the talent lifecycle can access a single, AI-powered platform for intelligent insights. A 360-degree view of talent potential enables quick, confident, and bias-free decisions, providing an equal opportunity for all. 


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