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Pros & Cons of Online Video Interviews - A Recruiter's Guide

Published: September 27, 2013 In: Remote Hiring

Online Video Interviews

In recruitment industry, the need of the hour is to reduce recruitment cycle without affecting the quality of candidates. If we look at the traditional recruitment cycle of any firm, one of the primary steps would be a pre-screening interview.

Now, owing to time constraints, TA teams across industries are looking at introducing innovative methods to address the current needs of reducing the recruitment cycle but by inculcating something more definitive than a telephonic interview. 

Leverage the Internet: 

With the extensive usage of internet and better IT infrastructure available among the youngsters and seniors, the HR team is looking to harmonize the internet and IT services. The West is much ahead on this front; they have been using video interviews and other such technologies to reduce time, resources and cost per hire. Now the fundamental question or rather the mind block at this point would be, “can automated online video interview be a close replacement of preliminary in person interview?” Yes!! The answer is a resounding yes.

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Industry Trends:

In our recent dialogue with some of the leading companies based out of India, we found out that HR heads are willing to try out video interviews as a replacement of preliminary in-person interviews. These interviews are conducted by Junior/Mid level hiring managers are a medium to gauge the candidate’s fitment. The recruiting heads do believe an online platform can ease the preliminary interview process and have an impact on the operational expenditures.

A similar discussion with leading executive search firms in India also believes that an online interview can be a right tool to gauge knowledge, communication skills and prevent frauds which are prevalent in telephonic interviews (See how you can prevent frauds [Infographic]). According to them, the impact on cost saving can be tremendous if organizations adapt to the online video interview solutions in the right fashion and with the right mindset.

securens case study


The advantages like cost saving by online video interview is one aspect which can be a game changer in the recruitment industry. Consider this you have a preliminary round of interview in your firm, you invite candidates, make them comfortable, probably pay for their travel to your office, use additional overheads and the time lost due to all these secondary activities is also very high. Now consider the online interview

  • Login 

  • Select and save the questions (in less than 10 mins)

  • Invite the candidate by just adding their email id (Talview generates an automatic mail which is sent to the candidate requesting him/her for the online interview)

  • Done.

The cost saving is obvious and the time saving is priceless!



The question that arises at this point is; cost saving ok accepted but how much time do we save? Check out our savings calculator to see the amount of time and cost saved by implementing Video Interviews specific to your organization’s data.

In Talview, the HR team can create interview completely in less than 15 mins using the preloaded questions in the database. The invitations are then sent to the candidates for the interview automatically by Talview Engine. Once the candidate records the interview, the evaluators from the organization can view the interview at their convenient time. The evaluators can skip the interview to the most important question or go through the entire interview. Hence, we see that at every step there is a considerable amount of time saving.

Scheduling conflicts:

Scheduling conflicts something that is a major bottleneck can be avoided using an online Interview Platform like Talview. The team creates the interview at their convenient time and invites the candidates, and the candidate gives the online interview at a time that’s convenient to them; finally scheduling conflicts is not a problem anymore.

In all, we can say that online interview platform would provide complete flexibility to the HR team and ease the interview and evaluation stage to a great extent.

automated video interviews

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