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The Performance Indicators to Consider While Recruiting

Published: September 15, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI


Setting up the right metrics during recruitment is not an easy task, it is very important to consider all the options that you have available and then make the right decision about the key performance indicators that you would consider to select employees during a recruitment process. There generally aren’t industry standards and most organizations lack the tools to identify the right metrics to judge from the data they have at their disposal. As an HR leader, its very important to understand the right parameters for judging the candidate, especially in the case of sales organizations where the personality and attitude of the candidate matter a lot.


  • First metric to consider is Sourcing of the candidates  while assessing the candidate consider the fact that does they come from the source that provides long-standing and efficient employees, has the aptitude of the candidates from this source been up to the mark. Also keep in mind whether this is a reliable source from where you have recruited before.

  • Interviews are another aspect to keep in mind, depending on the job profile identify whether you need to perform qualitative or quantitative interviews. While evaluating a qualitative interview, which is generally in the form of the feedback form filled by the employee, ensure that you assess all angles of the answers written by the employee.

  • During the hiring process, be aware of the number of offers to be made, identify the best candidates and make offers to them, if you end up offering to more than the decided number then report the same to the management.

  • It is not necessary to use the same old routine techniques for recruitment Process. You can use innovative tools during the recruitment process to identify the right candidates as well. The most critical part is to keep a track of the performance of the candidates during the process and once selected notify them of the expectations from them. This would set a bar for the candidates to perform on and help the organization to measure the team performance.


It is very important to understand that identifying the right parameters will help the recruitment process a great deal. The key performance indicators would also help the organization in the long run to measure the performance of the team.

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Written by: Apurva Bharadwaj

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