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3 Simple Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Published: April 15, 2014 In: Interview Tips

Get Ready for Interview With Ultimate Guidance

Your big interview is coming up! I know it is a scary situation. After all, if you don’t make a good impression - you won’t land that job! There is no quick way to get rid of the anxiety of going to a job selection process. The truth is if the idea of going to an interview makes you nervous when you get there - you will also be nervous. However, if you prepare yourself and arm yourself with great interview tools and skills - you will be able to calm yourself some, instead of going into a frenzy.

What is The Purpose an Interview?

Contrary to popular belief, a job interview is not to find out what is wrong with you. A hiring manager is a person performing the job of finding the best-qualified candidate she/he can. With this in mind, go to your interview realizing that not only do you need a job; but, they also need you. This is a meeting of two people in search of fulfilling each other’s need. Feed their need and you will be okay.

Before your interview, find out what it is they need. Study the company and go to their website. If you know anyone in the company, ask them, to sum up the company’s mission. Find out what the ideal candidate is and talk up those qualities during your interview.

Be Genuine

Although you will practice interview questions, they are strictly for warm up! You do not want to sound like a programmed robot. The purpose for practicing is to reassure yourself that you have all the answers, and to practice thinking and to respond quickly (just in case you are the type of person that says the first thing that comes to mind). Once you have practiced, you will find that you will instinctively know the answers. Let them flow naturally.

Be Confident

Applying for a job you are qualified for will give you all the confidence you need to calm down and decrease your level of nervousness. If you are applying for your dream job, then find out what skills are required, and go out there and train. When you are prepared, set up an interview, because confidence in your ability to perform a job will carry you through the interview process.

If you are already qualified, remember that as you walk into the interview. In that case, you are there because they need a great employee who is qualified, and you are that great employee who is qualified! If you are still nervous, hide it. They cannot tell you are nervous unless you show them you are.

Be Prepared 

Keep answers to some of the patent questions ready. Preparing answers to such questions and speaking them before the interview can help you saying them confidently during the interview.

Also, perform your research on the company. You must know something about the company and the position before you walk into an interview.

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Written by: Arun K

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