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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Ways to Simplify Campus Hiring with Recruitment Technology

Published: June 02, 2021 In: Campus Recruitment

Campus hiring has proven to be the perfect solution for industries facing hiring challenges such as volume hiring, attrition, talent skill-gap, et al. In the booming tech job market, it becomes increasingly difficult for recruiters to hire and retain good talent, given the nature of the field.

Hiring for niche tech roles, within tight time frames, or keeping up with the constant upsurge in the demand for highly skilled candidates — the IT industry must find a solution to these challenges and soon.

This is where virtual campus recruitment comes to the rescue. Virtual campus recruitment not only allows you to screen, assess, and hire candidates from university campuses online, but it also does that in lesser time while improving the quality of hire.

Research proves that companies that use recruitment technology are three times more likely to improve retention. This could be because 91% of Gen Z students say that the technology experience offered by employers influences their job choice among similar offers.

Listed below are some of the advantages of virtual campus recruitment:

    1. It allows you to hire candidates for bulk positions hassle-free.
    2. It reduces your time to hire significantly.
    3. It streamlines your hiring process to help you standardize incoming talent.
    4. It allows you to hire candidates from any part of the world.
    5. It helps you find the right talent always with the help of tangible data inputs on every candidate.

Here is an infographic that talks about the 5 ways technology can help organizations conduct online campus hiring.

Infographic (2)


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Written by: Olivia Gomes

Olivia is a Content Marketer at Talview. She completed her graduation in English Literature and MBA specializing in HR, so she combined her two interests and now writes about HR tech updates and latest trends in the world of talent acquisition. Her other interests are traveling, writing, and deconstructing the psyche of people around her.

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