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Why Digital Interviews Are The Way to Go?

Published: September 12, 2016 In: Remote Hiring

Automated Video Interviews

With a large number of potential employees entering the market every year, selecting the right candidate for the job becomes a very tedious process and reliance on resumes can often be misleading. Especially, considering the fact that some of the organizations rely on agencies for the screening of the resumes, the decisions are often based on biases for a specific school or towards a particular candidate which ultimately leads to the right candidates not being able to make the cut. Digital Interviewing permits you to rapidly locate the best candidate for your open positions, giving you more profound bits of knowledge into your candidate’s identities, abilities, and interests and helps you identify the best individuals to meet with vis-à-vis.

Digital interviews allow the company to interact with the candidate in a more elaborate manner wherein, the company has a platform available to put forth their culture, the expectations they have and the brand as a whole in front of the candidates. You have the advantage to ask the right questions and to judge the candidate based on the answers they provide. Digital interviewing is easier, requires less amount of effort on the part of both the parties. The candidate does not have travel to a different location and at the same time the company doesn’t have to take out time and plan the whole day around the recruitment process., they can set the different rounds and evaluate the responses of all the candidates. With the latest technologies coming in the market, the evaluators need not sit and go through long hours as well, they would be provided with a detailed report of the interview which they can analyze, and in some cases, a prospective list of the perfect candidates would also be shared.

These new and innovative technologies are being fast adapted by the companies and have proved to be an effective method which is more reliable than screening resumes and sitting through an entire day of the recruitment process. They are definitely better than telephonic interviews.

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Written by: Arun K

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