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Why Organizations Should Use Talview Volume Hiring Module

Published: January 25, 2023 In: HR Technology

High volume hiring can be a daunting task for any organization, especially when it comes to finding the right fit for the job. It can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to sift through hundreds or even thousands of resumes, conduct initial screenings, and schedule interviews with candidates. This is where Talview's Volume Hiring Module comes in. 

Talview's Volume Hiring Module is designed to streamline and optimize the high-volume hiring process for organizations. With its advanced features and capabilities, it can help organizations save time, improve efficiency, and ultimately, hire the best candidates for their open positions. 

7 Reasons Why Organizations Should Use Talview's Volume Hiring Module for Their Mass Hiring Needs:

1. Perform high volume tasks in one go

With Talview's Volume Hiring Module, organizations can easily screen and assess large numbers of candidates in one go. This includes conducting assessments, moving candidates down the pipeline seamlessly in the interview process, and more. This saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manually reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. 

2. Customized assessments with online proctoring 

Talview's Volume Hiring Module allows organizations to use online assessments to fit their specific needs and job requirements. Talview’s assessments are highly customizable and are available in various formats, making it very easy to implement and use without any hassle. It also includes the option to use online proctoring, which ensures that assessments are conducted fairly and securely. 

3. Automate preference-driven interview scheduling 

Talview's Volume Hiring Module includes an automated scheduling feature that gives the candidates the liberty to schedule interviews based on their preference and availability. This helps to streamline the interview process and ensure that candidates can attend interviews at times that are convenient for them, making the process candidate friendly. 

4. Enhance engagement across the candidate lifecycle

The e-Lobby feature in the module helps organizations to improve candidate engagement and experience throughout the hiring process. It acts as a virtual waiting room for candidates where they can engage with variety of information on the company, such as - the company’s culture, job role, approximate waiting time, and more.  

5. Improve the quality of hire with Talview Interview Intelligence 

Talview's Volume Hiring Module includes a feature called Interview Intelligence, which uses artificial intelligence which helps determine learnability, performance, and behavioral traits of candidate to understand their true potential. This helps organizations to make more informed hiring decisions and ultimately improve the quality of hire.

6. AI Interview Summarization & Interviewer Coaching 

Talview Volume Hiring Module offers interview summarization which can automatically analyze and summarize candidate responses during an interview. It also provides feedback on how the interview can be conducted in a better manner to avoid any bias and make sure important topics are not missed out. This helps in making more informed hiring decisions and provide guidance and feedback to interviewers to improve on their skills. 

7. Fast-tracks Onboarding & Offer Preparation in Volumes 

Another benefit of using Talview Volume Hiring Module in mass recruitment processes is the ability to fast-track the onboarding and offer preparation process for large volumes of candidates. For example, it can automatically review resumes and CVs, pre-screen candidates, and schedule interviews, reducing the time it takes to get a candidate from application to hire. Additionally, the module can streamline the offer preparation process by automatically generating and sending offer letters, saving time and as a result, reduce candidate drop-offs. 

In conclusion, Talview's Volume Hiring Module is an essential tool for organizations, such as the IT-BPM and ITes industries that need to fill a large number of positions in a limited time. Mass hiring can be a mammoth of a task, but companies are more often than not faced with limited resources and time. With this module, Talview aims to transform high volume recruitment with cutting-edge technology which can help organizations be more efficient and effective, as a result, save hiring costs and improve quality of hire. 

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Written by: Team Talview

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