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Why Recruiters Love Talview

Published: July 27, 2020 In: Remote Hiring

Your job is tougher than it’s been in a while. Between the layoffs, budget cuts, and rapidly changing business needs, you need a way to create fast, friendly, and cost-effective hiring processes to get the right people in the door with ease.

Here at Talview, we’re an AI-powered recruiting automation solution that helps recruiters like you hire the best talent faster than ever. We help organizations see beyond resumes to not just understand a candidate’s past, but also see their potential. See why Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Whirlpool, and enterprises like Cognizant, Sephora, and HCL love Talview. 

We Automate Interview Scheduling So You Don’t Have To 

One of the most frustrating and cumbersome tasks for recruiters is interview scheduling. Talview helps companies reduce the need for scheduling and automates the rest so you can focus on what you do best (cheesy rhyme intended). 

But in all seriousness, on-demand interviews and online assessments reduce the need for screening calls and first round interviews, which reduces the need for scheduling to begin with. When scheduling is needed, candidates can schedule interviews through our career site chatbot or through your Calendly account, which integrates perfectly with us already. Further, our Microsoft Teams integration allows recruiters and hiring managers to schedule, reschedule, and cancel interviews on their end, as well. 

Post scheduling, automatic notifications and reminders will be delivered to reduce candidate drop-off and no shows. Some customers have reported virtually eliminating candidate no shows and drop off, so much that the number of candidates who completed interviews improved from 50 percent to 95 percent. 

AI-Powered Screening & Selection Tools

Companies spend $366 billion on leadership development training per year yet the #1 reason people quit their job is because they hate their boss. We understand that you don’t just want to hire amazing people. You want to hire amazing teams. Starting with automated resume screening tools that process resumes in minutes and save you hours. We also offer assessment and interview scoring and evaluation tools that help you see beyond a candidate’s past and evaluate them on their potential. With our analytics, you’ll be able to hire candidates who add the right skills to your teams and help managers understand the value of each team member from even before day one.

Even more, once a candidate has completed either a soft skills or technical assessment, we integrate seamlessly with Learning Management Systems so that you can deliver both onboarding and even personalized training based on your new hires’ developmental needs.

Finally, we help talent acquisition teams improve the hiring process, as well, by giving you insights into which interview questions perform the best and even which interviewers make the best hires. Once you find out who your best people and processes are, we help you create a personalized workflow to replicate that success throughout your organization.

Employer Branding, Culture Fit, and Job Previews 

New hires know whether they want to stay at a company long term within one week of starting a new job. In our mostly remote world right now, that’s why virtual onboarding is so important. That’s also why showcasing your company values, culture, and your employer brand throughout the hiring process is so important. 

Talview offers several options to help recruiting teams share important and engaging information throughout the hiring process. Add your branding and even company logo or mascot on our chatbot, so that candidates will see you without you having to do any of the work. Moreso, spruce up your video interviews or assessments by creating branded platforms, adding images beside questions, and even showcasing video messages from hiring managers and leadership. Also, use this space to add job previews, to give candidates a look at the job they’ll be doing even before they hit “record” or say hello. 

Virtual Events and Campus Recruiting 

Campus recruiting consists of 23 percent of hiring. With tradition campus recruiting strategies out the pandemic window, virtual events have taken recruiters by storm. Talview allows companies to feature specific jobs as well as automate interview and assessment scheduling at events. Some customers were able to interview over 7,000 candidates across 100 college campuses with just two - yes, you read that correctly - 2 recruiters.

Video Interviews are Fast, Friendly, and Cost-Effective

If you aren’t already using video interviews as part of your hiring process, you might not realize how much time and money they save organizations every day. By eliminating travel time and costs, customers all over the world are able to keep the human contact with face to face interviews while reducing time to hire by 60% and cost per hire by 50%. Additionally, because both live and asynchronous interviews are recorded, organizations can save even more time and improve the candidate experience by not asking a candidate the same questions over and over again. Just watch recordings at your convenience, anytime, anywhere, even from your phone. 

Beyond the candidate experience and the ROI of going virtual, we help teams improve the effectiveness of their interviews. Our customers leverage recorded interviews to determine which of their talent acquisition team members are the best interviewers, which questions are the best questions, and even to create more personalized and specific interview trainings. We also let candidates provide feedback after each interview or assessment to help companies continue to improve over time. 

Online Pre-Hire Assessments With Integrity 

Many recruiters have a love hate relationship with pre-hire assessments. We find the results helpful but aren’t sure if their candidates are even taking the assessments or if they are just Googling the answer. Even more, we aren’t sure if candidates will even do them or if they will cause candidates to drop out of the process.

Talview’s candidate-friendly online assessments can deploy directly from our chatbot, don’t require candidates to login and fumble with a password, ensure that the test taker is the candidate, and can show you which candidates cheated during the assessment and when. Even more, our automatic grading features reduce bias and subjectivity in the grading process and help you identify candidates who truly know they what they are doing.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

If that isn’t enough, one of the best parts about us is the fact that we’re an integrated solution built on the secure, reliable Microsoft Azure platform. We have out of the box integrations with key HR technology partners like Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Taleo, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, Greenhouse, and more. Because of that, we have a seamless solution with ease of use features like SSO and more.

We know you just want to hire great people. We want to remove the roadblocks you face to help you do that with ease. Our customers will tell you, we don’t just help companies hire faster better. We help companies hire better candidates faster. 

For more information on Talview, hear what our customers have to say and join us for a live product demo on July 30th at 2 to 3pm EST. Register now.

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Written by: Micole Garatti

Micole Garatti is the Marketing Manager at Talview, the founder and CEO at SocialMicole.com, and the author of The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List. She's passionate about making the HR and Influencer communities more diverse and creating space for new voices in the industry. She has her MBA from William and Mary and a BA in English from the University of Florida.

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