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Why Talent Acquisition Directors and VPs Love Talview

Published: July 29, 2020 In: HR Tech & AI

Talent acquisition teams are struggling to recruit and retain highly talented people. As a Director of Recruitment or Vice President of Talent Acquisition, you care about setting your business up for success by creating amazing candidate experiences that help your teams hire the best people, diverse teams, and have those people rave about their amazing experience on Glassdoor. Most talent teams struggle to be as strategic as they know they can be because they don’t have the resources to get their job done well. Instead, they spend time scheduling interviews and screening candidates over the phone. 

Here at Talview, we’re an AI-powered recruiting automation technology company that does the heavy lifting so that talent teams can focus on what they do best - recruit top talent. See why Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Whirlpool, and enterprises like Cognizant, Sephora, and HCL love Talview.

Global Talent Pools and Diversity Hiring Strategies 

Now that many organizations have been remote and have realized that it isn’t so bad after all, more workers than ever want the opportunity to stay remote. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau found that almost all workers surveyed would like the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers. Many talk about the benefits of remote work like increased productivity of working at home and significant cost savings for both the business and the employee. However, another benefit is the ability to attract great talent from anywhere in the world - not just in a commutable location to your office. With Talview’s completely remote hiring solution, you can interview, assess, and hire anyone in the world from anywhere in the world. This will leave you with the ability to truly find and hire the best talent, and subsequently diversify your candidate pipelines and organizations. 

Talent Attraction & The Candidate Experience 

New hires know whether they want to stay at a company long term within one week of starting a new job. Between the hiring and onboarding process, they’ve already made up their mind. That’s why showcasing your company values, culture, and employer brand throughout the hiring process is so important. Exposure to what the hiring manager, teammates, and work will be like is critical.

Talview offers several opportunities for brands to highlight their brand, benefits of employment, and culture throughout the hiring process. Brand our scheduling bot, interview and assessment platform, and candidate communications so that candidates can get to know you early on. You can also spruce up your video interviews or assessments by creating branded images and videos that highlight your company’s culture and benefits before starting the interview or beside questions. Or, use this space to add job previews to get candidates excited about the job they are interviewing for.

Automate to Spend More Time With Candidates

Most recruiters want to be more strategic but are stuck in the weeds doing mundane tasks like scheduling interviews and screening candidates over the phone. Talview helps companies reduce the need for scheduling and automates the rest so your team can focus on creating amazing experiences candidates will rave about on Glassdoor. 

Data-Driven Insights That Improve Hiring Processes

Because we understand recruiters, candidates, and everything in between, we understand what it takes not just to get the job done, but improve the process over time. That’s why we provide predictive and prescriptive insights to help you understand how productive your recruiters are, how well your interviewers perform, and how long your hiring process takes. Once you find out who your best people and processes are, we help you create a personalized workflow to replicate that success throughout your organization.

Data-Driven Insights That Improve Hiring Decisions  

McKinsey recently reported that “82% of Fortune 500 executives don’t believe their companies recruit highly talented people.” Between that and the fact that companies spend $366 billion on leadership development training per year and still the #1 reason people quit their job is because they hate their boss, it’s clear that we haven’t done a great job at putting the right people on the right teams and giving them the right tools to be successful. 

Our resume parsing and  online assessment tools automatically screen, score, and sort candidates. We’ll highlight high-potential candidates based on past and potential, and provide you with the data to hire candidates who add the right skills to your teams. Even more, once a candidate has completed either a soft skills or technical assessment, we integrate seamlessly with Learning Management Systems so that you can deliver both onboarding and even personalized training based on your new hires’ strengths and weaknesses.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

If that isn’t enough, one of the best parts about us is the fact that we’re an integrated solution built on the secure, reliable Microsoft Azure platform. We have out of the box integrations with key HR technology partners like Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Taleo, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, Greenhouse, and more. Because of that, we have a seamless solution with ease of use features like SSO and more.

We know you just want to hire great people. We want to remove the roadblocks you face to help your team not just hire faster better, but hire better candidates faster. 

For more information on Talview, hear what our customers have to say in this on-demand video of our product demo. Register now and watch.

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Written by: Micole Garatti

Micole Garatti is the Marketing Manager at Talview, the founder and CEO at SocialMicole.com, and the author of The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List. She's passionate about making the HR and Influencer communities more diverse and creating space for new voices in the industry. She has her MBA from William and Mary and a BA in English from the University of Florida.

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