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Why You Should Replace Telephonic Interviews for Video Interviews!

Published: September 28, 2015 In: Remote Hiring

Telephonic Interviews vs Video Interviews

A telephone interview is often the first step in a job interview process; It can be as short as 10 minutes, or it can last an hour. However getting it done is no mean job. You need to chase the panel and candidate to schedule it, there will be multiple cancellations. Followed by personnel from different departments who might want to talk to the candidate and each time you follow the same ordeal.And there is absolutely no way to know who spoke on phone with you, and even if it is the candidate himself there is no way to gauge his personality, body language or cultural fit.Ultimately, there is no guarantee that the candidate will turn up for the final round of interview at your office.

It often feels terrible about the time that you have wasted, doesn't it?

Save your time - replace that telephonic interview round with Video Interview. See below for benefits:

  • It saves you time - a lot of it!

  • No scheduling, no repeats

  • No fraudulent interviews as you can see who’s taking the interview

  • You can gauge body language along with verbal communication

You can review these interviews at leisure and decide whom to call for the face-to-face round. Don't break your bones, take some time out for yourself - relax!

Let Talview take care of the rest! Here is an info-graphics which will help you know why video interviews are better than telephonic interviews.

Why Video Interviews Instead of Telephonic

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