Video Interview Etiquettes: The Do's and Don'ts

video interview tips

As more and more companies are shifting to unconventional ways of hiring like online video interviewing, it has become imperative to know how to prepare for an online interview. Here are some important items to have checked on your checklist before you face the webcam. These interview tips helped me.

Do your Homework  (This is a crucial aspect even in traditional interviewing)

  • Make sure you clean up your social media accounts and that it represents your professional brand. You don’t want posts that say “I hate my boss” on your timeline.

  • Do research on the company and learn about their history and their achievements. Also know how they are expanding, what challenges they are facing currently so that you can provide inputs to tackle them by the experience you’ve had in your past job.

  • Understand the job description thoroughly and know what you have applied for! Have examples ready to cite from your previous work experience and relate it to the job you are applying for. In this way, you’ll be able to stress on your strengths during the session.

  • Practice common questions so that you can boost your self-confidence. Having a couple of answers prepared in your mind will help project yourself as a strong, confident person as well.

 Before you face the camera

  • Switch your phone off. Neither you nor your future employer wants to be interrupted during your process of selection. Turn off anything that will vibrate, make sounds or distract you.

  • Make sure you look presentable. Dress professionally and make sure you wear colors that don’t blind the interviewer. Before it starts, make sure your hair is not unkempt and that your tie is in place.

  • Make sure your surroundings are well lit, clean and professional. The interviewer does not want to be looking at someone who is not organized. Arrange the things on your table and check your background and lighting. The interviewer must be able to see your face clearly.

 During your video interview

  • Cite Examples. When answering, be sure to cite examples from your life where you had to do or face a similar situation. Following the Star (Situation, Task, Action, Result) Method of answering questions will be admirable and is sure to produce definitive results.

  • Maintain your body language. Like in any selection process, this is one of the most important aspects in an interview. Maintain your posture and compose your facial expressions. Use your hands to express your opinion. However, don’t overdo it. Ultimately, your actions exhibit how confident a person you are.

  • Make sure your answers are relevant and short. Nobody likes long conversations. Our intent is to keep the interviewer interested in us for the length of the process and beyond. So make sure to leave a mark on the interviewer with short and crisp answers while emphasizing on the important details.

  • Make eye contact with the camera and not the computer screen. Your eyes form a big part of the way in which you communicate. Not looking at the receiver will mean you are low on self-confidence. So ensure that you look at the camera when you are speaking.