Video Interview: Tips, Techniques and Mistakes to Avoid!

Interview Tips

To error is human. However, if you can avoid the erring, you could stand a chance at impressing your future employers during your online video interview. Here are some job Video Interview mistakes you should avoid.

Let there be light!

Your facial expressions are an integral part of your interview. The person interviewing you will want to see your face as you answer their questions. Make sure you sit near a window or that there is ample lighting before you start your video interview.

Forgetting to check your equipment

Make sure that the camera you use is of good quality and that the device is stable and not wobbling in your hands. If you are using your mobile phone with a primary and secondary camera, double-check to ensure you are using the right one. Don’t forget to check your microphone and headphones as well. You need to be seen and heard loud and clear.

Not dressing professionally

Because the first impression is the best impression; you don’t want to be perceived as the casual candidate!

The camera is not where your eyes are

Would you be interested in talking to a person if he/she doesn’t look at you while speaking to you? No, and for the very reason, it is imperative that you look into the camera and not yourself as otherwise, you stand the chance of losing the interviewer’s interest in what you are saying and eventually, you.

Not letting your body communicate too!

Many a time, your posture or hand movements can prove to be disastrous if they’re not used the right way. Remember to use your hands subtly when expressing your views and not to cross them as that would show resistance and defensiveness.

Not perfecting the little details

Ensure your surroundings are clean and organized. You want neither your background nor your table looking haphazard. So remember to tidy up and keep the details in the video frame to a minimum. These video interview techniques and tips allow you to avoid the common interview mistakes, and you are good to go after this. 

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