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12 Ways to Use a Video Interview Platform

Published: November 09, 2016 In: Remote Hiring

talview to screen video interview software

For a tool as powerful as Talview, there are unlimited possibilities. Based on varied use cases seen across customers we have identified the top 12 ways of using Talview. Here's the list of how to use Talview to screen, select and on-board quality talents in various scenarios.

1. Video Interviews & Proctored Assessments for Campus Hiring

Graduate Hiring, Career Fairs or Campus Recruitment is a logistical nightmare but an important channel to hire from every season. It brings in fresh perspectives of graduates and improves the diversity in the organization. On multiple occasions, Talview customers have expressed that using Automated & Live Video Interview platform along with proctored assessments has helped them multifariously by helping them find quality candidates. It has also helped them in cutting down on cost, time and efforts.

2. Proctored Assessments + Video Interviews to Curb Deception

It is common for candidates to deceive their employers during a telephonic interview, Our clients faced deception too. Using Talview’s Asynchronous Interviews and Video Proctored Assessments for screening instead of telephonic interview helped them eliminate impersonation problems that they faced earlier.

3. Video Interviews & Behavioral Insights to Hire for Niche Roles

Hiring for niche roles can be very tricky, recruiters and hiring managers must be equally well equipped to assess the candidate. Hiring ad in-house psychometric expert can seem expensive and unnecessary for a one-off hiring or seasonal hiring session. Our clients have been using video interviews to record responses; both video and written responses. These are then processed by Talview Behavioral Insights, a proprietary tool of Talview - it is  based on psychometric and psychopathology theories (read more about behavioral insights here).

4. Automation & Written Assessments to Beat Geographical Barriers

Some of our clients have done it all in the volume hiring department - from lateral hiring to graduate hiring and on-campus recruitment using Talview’s Automated Interviews technology. All this in one geography. Now they are looking to achieve same goals sitting from a remote location to hire from other geographies.

5. Async Interviews to Tackle "Candidate No Show" Issues

“Candidate No Show” is every a common problem of every business - SMB and Enterprise Business alike. It affects SMBs more than Enterprise. But that shouldn’t be any reason to avoid candidates who cannot make it to the interview location. Moreover, it just costs you more to pay for their accommodation and travel expenses. Our customers have overcome this issue by employing asynchronous or commonly known as automated video interviews. Candidates can take the interview at convenience from their home or college or wherever they please - from mobile or laptop, it’s up to them.

6. Public Link+Video Interviews for the Differently Abled Candidates

Being differently-abled is no reason not to attend interviews or get hired. But there’s a challenge - their inability to travel in short notice or their need to travel with aid all the time. Why not make it easier to them? A single recruiter has made sure this was executed with the help of video interviews. Our customer who made this possible is completely responsible to come up with this idea, and we couldn’t be more proud.

7. Whiteboard & Live Interviews to Build a World Class Sales Team

Our customer came up with an idea to use Talview’s Asynchronous Video Interviews to train sales representatives. They have been able to train their team virtually ever since and that has helped them save time, efforts & resources to kick-start efficient sales efforts.

8. 2G-run Platform for Non-Urban Hiring

The talent pool is not accumulated only in the big cities; expanding the reach is important. For our customers, cost and time constraint was really a big hurdle. They used Automated Video Interviews to hire from Tier - II and Tier III cities for maximum reach and wider talent pool. In the Indian scenario, internet speed and connectivity is a real challenge in the towns and lesser known cities. With Talview’s ability to run on 2G network really helped our customer reach out to these candidates and also give the candidates a good experience.

9. Code Tests+Proctoring+Video Interviews for a Less Resource Situation

A team of three - one recruiter and two evaluators could pull a daunting task of hiring close to 70 candidates from 3600 candidates with the help of Talview. Logistically, screening that number would be a nightmare - but with the help of proctored assessments, they could screen fraudulent candidates and get quality candidates.

10. Asynchronous Interviews to Hire Passive Candidates

Providing flexibility in location and schedule for the initial interview rounds can be a game changer when you are trying to attract passive job seekers to join your organization. Because its practically impossible to get them to move from their chairs, right?

11. Personalized Emails+VI to Bridge Communication with Potential Hires

Building a good relationship in the HR space begins with keeping in touch with the candidates and letting them know about the results; good or bad - it really doesn’t matter. In fact, thought leaders in the space insist on communicating better if it’s bad news. Because, let’s face it - good news is good no matter how you serve it. Our clients made use of Public Links to reach out to candidates via all channels. The links consisted of Video Interviews and written assessments. The response they received was overwhelming but they used into their advantage and sent personalized emails to bridge structured communication with candidates. This led to a great candidate experience and left a good impression about the organization.

12. Video Interview-based hackathons for Internal Benchmarking

Many organizations go through a hygiene check process to benchmark which employee is doing well and how well. Similarly, our clients used video interviews to run an internal hackathon to benchmark their employees’ performance.

These are some of the ways how organizations have used video interviews along with other assessments and additional modules. The true measure of a tool is when your customers tell you they loved using your tool and that it is absolutely a delight to use it. It's also amazing when they come up with ideas of their own to employ your tool to other facets of hiring.

Access full case study here.

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