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The Finest Approach to Come Up With Attractive Job Opening Content!

Published: March 15, 2019 In: Remote Hiring

Employees and companies are relying on each other. Every organisation regardless of small or large requires staff. Similarly, each worker should be a team member of any specific firm. Hiring & firing is a common activity in every corporation. That’s the reason you may see several job post advertisements daily.


Being a manager, you wish to conduct a few interviews and hire a talented person. But in reality, you get several resumes for a particular post including enough ratios of unsuitable applications. The reason is that your job opening content contains various problems. Mentioned below are the areas a recruitment officer must ensure while scripting.

There are several names of job opening content. Recruitment Ad, Job Posting, Vacancy Announcements, and Hiring Ad are some of the alternative terms. Just make sure to integrate the correct approach.

How to hire a superhero

1. About (Optional)

This section is not compulsory. Large groups and industries often use this part also. There are several reasons.

1. To get numerous applications that raises the chance of getting the right talent.

2. To know how much candidates are curious to be a part of such corporation.

3. Through this, you are telling the requester to whom he/she is applying.

4. Spread awareness regarding the ambition and achievements of the corporation.

5. Targeted talent won’t stay back by assuming it as a small firm.

2. Job Description

It is the brief of a position. Never understand from the word “description” means to describe the whole post. Actually, it said to be showing what a corporation is looking for? This section contains initial lines so, focus on composing it interesting without leaving any crucial part of information.

3. Job Post Content

Below are some of the fundamental data each candidate must desire to know before sending any application.

a) Title

Every position has a particular tag. It depends upon the job an individual is performing. Several folks understand the duties and working status of a guy. Hence, clearly advise the post title. It provides a great idea to the applicant regarding employment.

b) Location

Publishing the location is also a valuable element. It is important for both employee and employer. Travelling always create tiredness. Therefore, numerous friends prefer to work nearest to their residence to minimise the fatigue.

Similarly, organisations also give preference to those candidates who live nearby the industry. One of the reasons is to gain maximum efficiencies from them.

c) Responsibility

Each worker is responsible for completing a few and various duties. Many industrialists accept that while working it happened that an employee refuses to perform a particular task. The reason for refusal was nothing but it was not informed at the time of appointment.

I guess, the large companies knew this conflict already. That’s why they always mention job responsibility briefly. Experts from the recruitment profession also recommend it.

d) Salary & Benefits

“To use your life to work means giving out your time to work to get compensated for it.”
Sunday Adelaja

Everyone is working with the expectation of getting something in return. Many of our acts are not measurable. However, for several actions, we establish an understanding of giving & take. Without assuming and setting salary no one will serve for your cause. Hence, tell the monthly wages you will pay to the applicant.

Moreover, if the firm has a policy of additional benefits like bonuses, medical allowances, rent & convenience aids, disclose it as well. This will attract the candidate.

e) Eligibility /Academic Qualification

Definitely, every position is suitable for the specific level of citizens. You need to mention the least educational achievement necessary for the respective job. If you don't disclose it, there might be two types of confusions.

The first one is at the end of the company. Dr M. Dylan is the HR Recruitment Executive at crowd writer. He once shared his experience. He told:

“Mrs Jasmine John is working in my department. She is responsible for publishing the job posting advert. Scripting the whole content, publication, and shortlist before the interview are her duties. She missed mentioning the candidate persona for an unfortunate reason. This was her major blunder. She got approximately 879 resumes. However, the eligible were only less than 200 candidates.”

The second issue appears at candidate end. A literate applicant is unable to know if he/she is an appropriate fit for the corporation or not? Thus, he/she applies with a vague vision.

4. How to Apply?

Once you have done with all the above characteristic, you should not ignore to tell the procedure of sending you the request. It may be through:

•    Contact form over website,

•    Application form over website or particular portal,

•    Email the resume at a certain email address,

•    Or call and book the appointment to submitting the application.

If you will not supply this knowledge, the ignoring possibility of the appropriate candidate is increased. As a result, you will get only low profiles applications.

5. Revise & Customize

Have you completed the draft of the job opening script?

Now, it’s time to read to find the mistakes. You may note some confusing points.

Professional HR of the Australian Master suggests:

"Show the same ad to any literate employee.

Maybe you will get the point of correction in your write up."

Once you revised and furnished it, then you can announce.

Publications of Job Post

You have several options for publications.

1. TV commercials: TV advertisements during movies, films, dramas, and any visual stuff are common. A program viewed by majority charges high for short duration commercials like 2 to 5 minutes before new bulletin.

2. Newspaper: Every nation & country has at least a single daily newspaper. If there is no reader, why should the authorities print the papers?

3. Career portals: Nowadays, technology and innovations developed the chances of viewing things on the internet. A little before, all the pages of newspaper uploaded on the web via scanned images but now career portals have been created. Here organisations, post a vacancy and many individual send their profiles through clicking an “Apply” button, no need to send a separate email.

4. Company’s social media career page: Several youngsters subscribed their favourite company page on social media. When the firm announces a vacancy, it appears over the wall of every subscriber. Thus, they can apply.

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Written by: Stella Lincoln

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