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Here’s Why You Need to Leverage NLP During Recruiting

Published: January 29, 2018 In: Remote Hiring

In a world where technology is getting updated and, new technology is emerging day by day, do we have to limit ourselves when it comes to matters that deal with human interaction, resourcefulness and most importantly recruitment? While methods of recruitment have changed and improved over time, our businesses might still be on the losing side when it comes to hiring.


Why? Simply put, we are blinded by outdated procedures and practices that often lead to selecting candidates that check all the boxes but still are not the perfect fit due to unforeseen, unavoidable biases.

On the other hand, candidates that probably are right for the job may end up getting rejected as they do not tick-all-the-boxes.

Though this is no fault of the talent acquisition team, it is time to upgrade and update hiring practices with a dash of technology, more specifically NLP.

So What is NLP?

NLP. This buzzword has been floating around for some time. But what does it mean?Natural Language Processing is the ability of a computer program to understand the human language as it is spoken or written. NLP is a chief component of artificial intelligence.

Why NLP?

In this data-intense world, it is paramount to assess and evaluate data effectively. It is here that the need for Natural Language Processing becomes prominent. Instead of having your employees review tons of data from candidates, you can make the job much simpler and more efficient with NLP.

For example, AI-enabled chatbots can collect data, provide answers, feedback or suggestions to candidates in real time and use Machine Learning (ML) and NLP to train themselves to become more accurate and responsive when interacting with candidates. Training a chatbot with NLP and ML reduces workload and allows for more accurate results.

How NLP Can Assist You in the Hiring Process

The ease of automation that accompanies the use of NLP makes it a potent tool to leverage during hiring.

  • NLP allows for easy, automated resume screening and processing that reduces hiring timelines and saves hours spent on manual testing.
  • Automated pre-qualification with the help of chatbots allows for better candidate experience by providing immediate, constant and consistent real-time solutions, feedback and comments.
  • AI and NLP-enhanced automated interviews improve the candidate's fit in the company by analyzing their words, speech patterns, and facial expressions, and help detect minor details one might have otherwise missed.

Time is money. So why not save some by streamlining the recruitment process with NLP?

It will benefit talent acquisition teams by enabling recruiters to become more strategic by spending time on proactive hiring and workplace planning, while also enhancing candidate experience. It helps in changing the tedious hiring process to more engaging and efficient one.

Want to know more about AI and NLP? Check out this infographic on 19 Top Ways You Can Use AI in Your Recruitment Process.

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Written by: Nadene Barboza

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