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How Big Data Brings Better Recruits

Published: August 04, 2015 In: HR Tech & AI

Big Data Recruitment

How Does Big Data Find Candidates?

  • Using the three V’s previously discussed (variety, velocity, and volume), big data recruiting looks at candidates from several angles. Instead of just evaluating the information on a candidate’s resume, big data recruiting goes out into the Internet wilderness on an exploratory hunt and brings back a wealth of information on the candidate.

  • A candidate’s social media profiles. Special emphasis is put on candidates who demonstrate their expertise on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter by sharing advice, thought leadership, and interesting industry insights.

A candidate’s resume information. Obviously the traditional resume still exists for a reason. In addition to tech-heavy evaluations, big data recruiting can look at a candidate’s more traditional credentials.

How Does Big Data Bring More Context To Resumes?

Through big data recruiting you might find a candidate who skipped college, but who performs at a higher level than even an Ivy-League grad. Even if a candidate doesn’t have a flashy employer company brand-name college on his or her resume, the person may still be a great hire.

How Does Big Data Help You Engage With Candidates?

Guys! This isn’t just a smart tactic for finding excellent candidates before your competitors, it also can help you engage more personally and more fruitfully with top talent.

Big data recruiting can help with candidate engagement in two ways:

  • Using big data and analytics can help you understand the better kind of candidates you need. It can help you break down barriers and better understand which candidates will be high performers and which candidates just look good on paper.

  • By providing a multitude of information, big data recruiting can help employers get a more personal feel for candidates earlier in the hiring process. With the proliferation of social media and personal blogs, you can get to know a candidate’s personality before the interview. This can allow you to skip right to candidates who are good fit for your organizational culture.

This is part two of a three-part series.

Part One discusses: 

  • Why Use Big Data Recruiting?
  • The Three V’s of Big Data Recruiting

Part Three discusses:

  • Future of Big Data in Recruiting
  • Big Data Success Story

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Written by: Chaitanya

Chaitanya Pattapu, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, currently serves as the Chief of Staff and Marketing at Talview. With expertise in GTM partnerships and investor relations, he drives Talview's success through innovative hiring and proctoring solutions. Passionate about AI and LLMs. Chaitanya's interests extend to blogging on HR tech and Proctoring, offering insights into the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and education integrity.

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