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LinkedIn & Video Interviews:A Combination for Passive Candidate Hiring

Published: December 24, 2015 In: HR Tech & AI

Finding candidates is like a treasure hunt, the deeper you search, better quality treasure is bound to follow. It is an added benefit when you can pick more valuables along the path to your ultimate treasure. It all depends on you to look deep enough.


There are innumerous ways to reach your treasure and LinkedIn seems to be the ultimate path to choose. It is a conventional method chosen by most recruiting professionals for sourcing passive candidates.

The benefit to a passive candidate is that, since they are not looking for a new opportunity, they probably won’t be interviewing with anyone else.

 Studies suggest that 60% of existing workforce are not looking for a new job, but if posed with a new opportunity they are willing to give it a try. Hence, passive hiring is your best bet to finding a great candidate.

Reaching out to them with an introduction to your company, providing some reasons why you’re reaching out and why this move would benefit the candidate. Show them why your jobs are relevant to their experience and tell them which aspects of their resume make them a fit.

passive job seeker

Passive candidates are known to be reluctant to take a leave or travel for a job interview. Scheduling a face-to-face meeting with all passive candidates can be quite homework for you to go through with.

You'll end up calling only a few of them to save yourself the time, which makes sense!

What’s the work around?

You could ask them to attend an asynchronous video interview for the first round so that they can take the interview whenever they are not occupied. They will appreciate the fact that they are attending an interview at their convenience and also love the experience of exploring a new technology.

Video Interviewing to Hire Passive Candidates

What’s even more fantastic about this technology is that you can share and review the interviews along with your peers for the next round. Then, it’s all about calling handpicked gems for a live interview. You have now successfully found your treasure with the help of LinkedIn and Video Interviews.

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