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[Product Updates] Resumé  Scoring, TBI recommendations and many more features to Instahire

Published: September 05, 2019 In: Product Updates

Talview is getting smarter to help you make faster hiring decisions. Here's what our new update has in store for you.

Multiple candidates assignment in face-to-face interviews made easy!

Managing a large number of candidates in a face to face interview with multiple panels can be a hassle.

With the latest update, now in offline hiring drives you can assign multiple candidates to a panel in one go,  instead of scheduling candidate interviews individually.


bulk assign

Recruiter now knows which panel is assigned to the candidates, while the panel can evaluate the candidates on the go by filling a form at the end of each interview.

You can have all the data of the recruitment process captured at a single place, leaving no room for confusion.


Screening resumés is now a cakewalk

Save your time for something better as we look through candidate resumés and score them for you. You can sort the resumé scores and pick the most relevant applications.




Say hi to our new partner Skillate, a smart recruitment product which has an AI algorithm trained with over 20 million diverse profiles. This integration with Skillate will give you an in-house feature to parse and get resumé scores. Now with resumé scores, screening from a pool of applications is easier than ever!


Behavioral recommendations will help you make decisions faster!

TBI report and behavioral fitment index help you find a culture fit candidate.

Looking through the TBI report of each candidate was a time-consuming process. Instahiring being our holy grail, we came up with a solution to help you make instant decisions without having to look at each candidate profile separately.




You can now see the recommended candidate list on the platform and sort them based on the TBI report and behavioral fitment index. 

Know more about the science behind Talview Behavioral Insights.


Filter candidates by section scores

Screening candidates manually giving you headaches? Worry not! With the new release, you can filter the candidates using scores obtained by them in the test.




That’s not it!

Navigating through the platform is now easier. The first column is now frozen so that the name of the candidate is always seen on your screen when you scroll right. You can keep track of the candidate name as you move about to check workflow progress.


No more “Error” panic attacks!

Server Error. Page Not Found. Page Not Responding.

Browser displaying errors and you don’t know what to do next?

Our new error pages will tell you why the system is displaying error page and what went wrong. 

TLDR - Moving towards Instahiring, Talview Recruit is getting faster and smarter. 

And this is just the beginning - there are so many more new features we’d like to walk you through.

To know more, get in touch with us at us@talview.com


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Written by: Sushmita Gejji

Sushmita Gejji is a Product Manager at Talview. With a passion to build intuitive products, her zeal to enrich user experience drives her to build a user-centric hiring tool at Talview.

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