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Why Paper Resume Isn't The Best Way To Gauge Talent

Published: December 13, 2015 In: HR Tech & AI

Recruiting for the hospitality sector is a grueling task as good communication lies at the heart of hospitality jobs. Greeting guests, ordering supplies for the kitchen, answering customer queries about services – your reputation is built on the thousands of interactions that go on every day between your employees and your clients.

Paper resumes could be deceiving - sometimes candidates might have exceptional written skills but zero verbal communication or vice versa. There is no way to know the subtlety of the candidate's attributes on a resume. It is not advisable to compromise on the quality of staff as they are the most important aspects of running a hospitality business. Sifting through a pile of resumes and screening them personally can fritter away a considerable amount of time.

Modern recruitment softwares for the hospitality industry could be the answer. Video interview platforms have been repeatedly proven to help reduce time-to-hire and find quality candidates. Employers could set up video interview invitation over a mobile app or desktop with simple questions to gauge their -

  • Verbal communication

  • Empathy

  • Tolerance

  • Flexibility

  • Multi-tasking capabilities

Each time a candidate has submitted a video interview application, the employer gets an email along with their availability for further rounds of interviews. Based on the employer's selection criteria, the employer can quickly schedule further rounds on the mobile app.

The recruiters in the hospitality industry find it very difficult to acquire quality staff that has effective communication skills and a passion for service. Moreover, the ones they do secure drop off soon after the initial vetting process. These jobs demand more dynamic resumes - like a video profile or a visual interview process.

Ellie D’Silva, the Head of Hiring Talent Acquisition with a leading restaurant chain was acquainted with Talview. Video interviewing candidates to understand their communication skills significantly improved staff retention and quality of hire at her company. Video Interviews with the candidates gave them a clearer picture of the candidate that a paper resume clearly couldn't.

D’Silva recalled her initial memories about video interviews, she spoke about a staff she had hired with the help of Talview,

“Have you seen those resumes with two columns that has name, age, sex, address, parents’ details etc?.. that’s precisely what Colin had. If I hadn’t seen his video interview, I would not even short list him to a f2f round. That’s how helpful video interview has been to us.”

Colin Gonsalves is now the Head Mixologist and one of the first few candidates chosen with the help of Video Interviews and a favorite of most customers at the restaurant.


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Written by: Arun K

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