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Streamlining Mass Hiring Events with Talview’s Drive Management

Published: August 28, 2023 In: Talview Drive Management

Streamlining Mass Hiring Events with Talview’s Drive Management

Why do organizations organize mass hiring events?

Mass hiring events serve as a practical solution for organizations aiming to fulfill recruitment needs at scale. These events swiftly identify top candidates while optimizing the hiring process, cutting costs, and enhancing the employer brand.

These events support diversity initiatives, offer room for testing new strategies, and enable on-the-spot hiring in high-turnover industries.

What are some of the common challenges in high-volume event hiring?

  1. Candidate Screening: Handling a large volume of applications can be overwhelming. Screening each candidate effectively to identify the most qualified ones requires robust systems and processes.
  2. Time Constraints: The sheer volume and the need to fill positions quickly can put immense pressure on the recruitment team. This may lead to hasty decisions or insufficient time for thorough evaluations.
  3. Candidate Experience: With so many candidates attending the event, providing a positive candidate experience for each one becomes challenging. Poor candidate experience can impact the organization's reputation and ability to attract top talent in the future.
  4. Logistics and Resources: Organizing high-volume hiring events requires significant logistical planning and allocation of resources. Adequate space, interview rooms, technology, and staff must be available to handle the large influx of candidates.
  5. Data Management: Collecting, organizing, and managing high volume of applicant data can be a challenge. Efficient software is essential to ensure that candidate information is properly securely stored and made accessible.
  6. Real-time tracking: Monitoring candidates in real-time during the event can be tedious and time-consuming, causing delays in the hiring process.
  7. Quality of Hire: The focus on speed and volume can sometimes lead to compromises on candidate quality. It becomes essential to strike a balance between quick hiring and ensuring the selected candidates are the best fit for the organization.
  8. Candidate No-Shows: In high-volume events, there may be instances of candidates not showing up for scheduled interviews, which can disrupt the recruitment process and waste valuable time slots.


How can Talview’s Drive Management help?

High-volume event hiring needs a system that can manage workflow, making the experience as seamless as possible. To take your mass hiring events to the next level, let's explore how Talview’s hyper-scale drive management can be used to enhance your event and create a seamless experience for recruiters, interviewers, and candidates.

  1. Easy setup and candidate registration - Leverage a user-friendly platform that allows you to effortlessly create and manage drives and share them with potential candidates using registration links and QR codes. Simplify the registration procedure using a simple interface that allows applicants to register, provide their information, and indicate their desire to participate in the event.
  2. Automated load management and candidate movement - Using automated load management algorithms eases the challenge of managing candidate flow and optimizing interview schedules. This can be done by considering interviewer's availability and their current set of interviews along with the wait time of the candidate (queuing system). It can intelligently allocate time slots, minimizing wait times for candidates and ensuring efficient use of resources.
  3. Real-time interview updates - The system provides real-time interview updates to candidates notifying them when their interview is about to start, if there are any changes, or if they need to move to a new location. This level of transparency reduces anxiety, enhances the candidate experience, and showcases your commitment to open communication. Also, recruiters are provided with information regarding the ongoing interviews on the platform, helping them to determine the subsequent course of action.
  4. Candidate engagement during wait time - Easily keep the candidates engaged in an e-lobby using any collaterals that tell more about the company and the job.
  5. Reporting - Robust reporting mechanism that provides insights into key metrics such as candidate turnout, interview success rates, time spent at different stages, and overall drive efficiency. Also, there is data that can be downloaded from the platform that can be used for offline reporting.


By strategically utilizing these features, you can transform your mass hiring events into well-organized, engaging experiences that attract top talent and facilitate streamlined recruitment processes.

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Written by: Sayan Gupta

Sayan is a Product Manager at Talview, creating awesome HR Tech products to enhance hiring experience.

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