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Hiring: The Big Struggle With Big Data

Published: September 21, 2016 In: HR Tech & AI


HR professionals today face a big problem; their inability to handle big data has proved to be a hindrance in a systematic and efficient mechanism of hiring professionals. There are a number of challenges that HR professional face with respect to big data.

  • A big data initiative obliges HR to get information from all the distinctive offices inside the business. They need to gain, purify, bind together, and examine information from different divisions and in addition from various business capacities, including finance and fund. The issue gets much greater for HR divisions wandering outside their organizations into the universe of big data and predictive analytics. They require individuals who have the right stuff to assemble and plan information for investigation not withstanding performing the examination.

  • The lack of skills amongst HR professionals with respect to big data is a big concern. Only a handful of professionals considers themselves to be good enough. Along with this hiring quants for specific divisions has been a solution for organizations, however, without the right skills it proves to be useless.

  • HR analytics is highly dependent on intensive IT resources, however, smaller firms would not have the infrastructure for this bulky software. It becomes difficult for them to then find alternatives or manage with the limited resources available

  • The privacy of the information collected by the HR is again a very critical aspect of data analytics. A Certain level of discretion needs to be maintained as a lot of personal information about the client may be available for analysis.

  • To numerous HR directors, executing individuals examination breaks even with giving PCs a chance to choose whom to procure. Despite the fact that the craving to be moral by sidelining PCs is admirable, recollect that utilizing every single accessible device to enlist the right individuals for the right employments in the right organizations is a definitive moral accomplishment for HR.

Big data and predictive analytics may prove to be a boon in the talent acquisition market, however, the last word comes from the recruiter's end, who at the end of the day would be the best judge of the right candidate for the job profile.


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Written by: Apurva Bharadwaj

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