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Video Interviewing: How does it work?

Published: August 13, 2015 In: Interview Tips

Digital Interview Process

Hiring the right candidate is often a tedious and an exhaustive process. Since the efficiency and growth of the organization depends primarily on the skilled employees, getting the best candidate possible plays a vital role in hiring process. The digital age has transformed the traditional face-to-face interview to online video interview.

Automated Video interviews by Talview have globalized the corporate culture. Video interview allows panel and candidate to connect to each other synchronously online. It has built in features which schedules the interview, sends notifications, records interview sessions and also has whiteboard for candidates, multi-panel support and candidate rating tools.

The online video interview platform enables you to interact with the candidates in real-time using a laptop or computer with a webcam and a mic. The interview session can also be recorded and shared with the other team members. With help of automated video interview platform, positions can be filled faster that in-turn saves time, money, lesser stress levels leading to higher productivity. Also, It doesn't have any restrictions on the number of panel members for an interview.

The job interview video supports two different layouts for Live Interview;

  • Interview Layout

  • Whiteboard Layout

The panel can switch between layouts during the interview video as per their requirement.

In the Interview Layout, videos of the candidate and panel occupy centre space where as in the Whiteboard Layout, the whiteboard occupies the centre space. The panel can review entries made by the candidates in the whiteboard like a piece of code, riddle, puzzle, simple drawings.

Candidates outside the corporate infrastructure may not have access to the high speed internet. Even under infrastructure constraints, Talview gives a better performance. It also has provision for the candidates to check the quality of their connection before entering into an interview. Talview’s support team can always be reached out for any assistance.

Talview video interviews has given the world of interviewing a contemporary style and stature with the most common interview questions and live interviews. The candidates can be accessed from any part of the world. Get a free demo on video interviews today. 

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Written by: Chaitanya

Chaitanya Pattapu, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, currently serves as the Chief of Staff and Marketing at Talview. With expertise in GTM partnerships and investor relations, he drives Talview's success through innovative hiring and proctoring solutions. Passionate about AI and LLMs. Chaitanya's interests extend to blogging on HR tech and Proctoring, offering insights into the evolving landscape of talent acquisition and education integrity.

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