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Where to Find Talview: Talent Acquisition Events, Podcasts, Webinars, and Trends

Published: September 10, 2020 In: Talview News & Events

Like you, over the past few months we’ve been busy creating some amazing products, partnerships, and hiring processes. Between back to school and an ever-changing global economy, we’re doing what we can to support customers around the world. We launched Live Proctoring capabilities to allow for live (online) proctoring during pre-hire assessments and online exams, we’ve updated our interviewing integration with SmartRecruiters, and we’ve been featured in industry events, publications, and HR Influencer blogs all over! 

Here are the highlights. 

Podcasts, Webinars, and Events


Meghan Biro of TalentCulture is joining Talview CEO, Sanjoe Jose, and our VP of Marketing, Chad Fife, to talk about The Next Frontier in Candidate and Recruiter Experience! During this live event, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how organizations are creating and measuring great candidate experiences, where the recruiter experience is heading, and how speed connects both. Register now and we’ll see you September 24th at 2pm EST. 

Talview and talent board webinar

On September 17 and 18, The Talent Board is hosting its second Virtual Conference! We’re thrilled to sponsor such an amazing event. Register here! 

RD pod

Sanjoe was also featured on RecruitingDaily’s podcast with William Tincup talking about Talent Acquisition and Innovation. Listen to the episode to learn about How Should We Be Innovating Right Now.

Talent Trends and Media Highlights

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Building teams can be tough. We know that a team full of leaders isn’t a team. But how do you recruit the best people for the job all while making sure you’re building the best teams? We partnered with Keirsten Greggs, the founder and CEO of TRAP Recruiter, to find out. If this topic interests you, check out the ERE articles linked above, the Top 10 Tips for Building the Best Teams ebook, and our Should You Hire the Best People or the Best Teams webinar on demand now. 


If you’re wondering what the future of work and education looks like, this guide to Revolutionary Ideas for Our Remote Age includes insights from 30 of the hottest HR and Education experts and influencers. See what these trend setters think we should expect. 

Tim logoIn other news, do you ever wonder how you can transition from recruiting based on a candidate’s past to their potential? Find out in this #TheProjectTakeover feature Project: Past v. Potential What’s More Important in Hiring. Thanks for letting us take over your blog, Tim

hrcarnival logo-1

If that isn’t enough, one of the longest-running HR blogs, Carnival of HR, has featured Marketing Manager, Micole Garatti, two months in a row. Check out July’s feature from Mary Faulkner at IA HR and August’s feature by Kellie Wong at Achievers.

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Written by: Micole Garatti

Micole Garatti is the Marketing Manager at Talview, the founder and CEO at SocialMicole.com, and the author of The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List. She's passionate about making the HR and Influencer communities more diverse and creating space for new voices in the industry. She has her MBA from William and Mary and a BA in English from the University of Florida.

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