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How Talview Exam Plus can Transform Your Remote Test-taking Experience

Published: July 22, 2020 In: Education

Institutions around the world have had to look for alternatives to the traditional exam process to ensure learning continuity amid the global pandemic. The most common practice has been shifting to an online platform that helps them conduct exams remotely. However, this does not come without apprehensions.

On the one hand, educational institutions are skeptical about moving exams that have traditionally been on paper and had multiple question types,into an online mode. This could be due to their lack of awareness, resistance to change, and security concerns in addition to the fear of doing things remotely. On the other hand, the student community has complained about an intrusion of privacy in an online testing environment.

This is where EdTech providers like Talview, with their advanced cutting edge technology and end-to-end encrypted solutions, jump in to provide a safe and secure testing environment.

This blog explains how Talview Exam Plus, our enhanced exam platform, can significantly transform your test-taking experience while addressing all the above-stated concerns.

  1. What is Talview Exam Plus?

  2. Features of Talview Exam Plus

  3. Benefits of conducting exams remotely

What is Talview Exam Plus?

Talview Exam Plus1

Talview Exam Plus is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade enhanced examination platform that helps institutions deliver safe and secure exams faster with its multi-question formats, remote proctoring and comprehensive reports for all your assessment needs. It is a comprehensive solution for all your low (pop quizzes, review questions, and practice tests), mid (midterm, digital, and learning & development courses), and high (entrance/admission tests, final term exams, certifications, & recruitment) stakes exams. 

For those who think moving exams online is a complicated task, Talview Exam Plus offers a simple 5-step process that can revolutionize the way you conduct exams, now and moving forward. 


Exam Plus Process


Talview Exam Plus comes with multiple features that set it apart from any other online assessment platform. Let us now look at why it is the right solution to help you transform the traditional model to a remote online test-taking model.

Features of Talview Exam Plus

  • Multiple exam formats: For years, the most used question formats in online exams have been the overused Multiple Choice Questions and the dreadful Essay questions. But with Talview Exam Plus, you can choose from over eighteen formats that are sure to up your assessment game! You can also generate multi-variant questions and randomize their sequence. 

    Some of the formats available are - True Or False, Matching, Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions, Essay Questions, Descriptive Questions, Numerical Questions, Calculated Questions, Drag and Drop Questions, Embedded Answers, Random Short Answer Matching, Select Missing Word, Coding Questions, etc.

If you are looking to conduct a customized technical online test as part of your recruitment process, you now have the solution!

  • Author questions: Authoring your questions is no longer a cumbersome task thanks to Talview Exam Plus's easy-to-use authoring interface. It allows you to add the questions in multiple formats (Word doc, Pdf, etc) while supporting authoring workflows.

  • Structured question bank: Question bank management forms an essential and core aspect of online examination process. Extensive and detailed question bank classification with proper tagging can provide better evaluation of the student during the online exam. By compiling an extensive list of well considered questions, it becomes easy to build a variety of tests to suit many different purposes. It also allows for a detailed statistical analysis of the questions and the format once the exams are completed.
  • Question paper generation: You can now create a template based blueprint and populate question papers directly in the question bank. It cannot get simpler than this!
  • Remotely proctored exams: Maintaining a controlled & proctored environment is the key to a safe & secure online exam. Remote proctoring is an AI-enabled technology that helps prevent malpractices by candidates during remote online assessments ensuring test integrity. Talview Proview Proctoring is a 'plug & play' tool that can be integrated with any test engine or website that needs to be proctored. Talview Exam Plus supports all types of proctoring - Recorded, Live and Automated.

You can learn more about the types, advantages, and best practices of leveraging a remote proctoring software here

  • Contemporary UI: User Interface (UI) design is not just about buttons and menus anymore; it is about the interaction between the user and the application, and in many cases, it is about the interaction between multiple users through that application. In this case, the users are GenZ, who are used to cool new interfaces across the web. Why shouldn't that be the case when they take up an assessment?

    Talview Exam Plus offers a contemporary UI that is clear, concise, responsive, and consistent while ensuring its aesthetic appeal and familiarity with the current trends. Creating something simple and elegant, and at the same time, clear and consistent is what makes Talview Exam Plus's UI unique.
  • Comprehensive reports: A report is a comprehensive approach to the candidate’s performance, which has a question-wise and section-wise summary of the attempt. Talview Exam Plus generates automated detailed reports that serve the purpose of eliminating manual correction and saves many working hours. 

  • Interoperability of content: Do you have your assessments on a Learning Management System (LMS)? Talview Exam Plus is Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant and facilitates the smooth transfer of content from any LMS to our platform seamlessly. No more efforts lost in creating and feeding content to the assessment platform!

That is not all! If you are looking for more reasons to try out Talview Exam Plus, get in touch with our experts today!

Need reasons to convince your institution to go remote? The below section is sure to help you!

Benefits of conducting exams remotely

Conducting exams remotely

The main reason you should consider is the overwhelming advantages you get from using an remote exam system instead of the good old fashioned pen-and-paper or computer-based exams. Some of the prominent benefits of conducting exams remotely include (but are not limited to):

  • Ease of access: One of the significant advantages of adopting a remote online exam process is the ease of access that comes with it. Especially in a situation like the present, where conducting exams in a traditional physical environment seems close to impossible, online exams come as the best alternative. With the internet penetration rate increasing daily, and the Gen Z having hands-on experience using the latest in tech, remote online exams can be taken up from anywhere in the world, at the comfort of their homes.

  • Save time and money: The sheer amount of resources that can be used to set up a single examination is mind-boggling — from teachers setting the examination to administrators ensuring that enough copies of the exam paper have been made available for all students. Creating, administering, and evaluating a test are time-intensive tasks for everyone involved from the student to the teachers. By moving the entire process online, you save up on the effort, time, and cost (operational and overhead)remarkably.

  • Convenience: Like mentioned earlier, remote online exams can be conducted anywhere, anytime. However, that is not all. It helps make the entire process super convenient - No more exhaustive paperwork, all information available at one place, standardized processes, and so much more! 

  • Quick results and analysis: Results of the assessments are delivered at the click of a button, reducing the administrators' work monumentally. Measurable and accurate insights are generated from smart algorithms, data science, and computing power that eliminate human error. 

You can learn more about why a remote online exam software is the need of the hour here.

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